18 Months Old

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Livin With Me

Hunter at 18 months old with Tigger.

Livin With Me

After Hunter took his picture with Tigger, I asked him if wanted a picture with his “mow, mow” since that is his favorite toy. He went and got his lawn mower and put it in the chair and sat next to it. (Hailey thought Tigger should get to be in the picture too.)

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18 months

Livin With Me

When we say, “Where is Hunter?” he puts his hands over his ears and says, “There he is!”

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Hunter loves to line up his cars!

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His favorite shoes… Hunter usually asks to have them put on as soon as he wakes up. Sometimes he’ll agree to take them off if we sniff his feet and say, “Stinky feet!” but as soon as he remembers that they are off he asks to put them back on.  It’s funny that the shoes are not on in the earlier pictures, but Rich had just done the “stinky feet” game with Hunter.  Otherwise  those shoes are on from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed.  I even hear him say “shoosh” in his sleep, which is how he says shoes.

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Whenever Rich mows the lawn (or one of our neighbors), Hunter gets his “mow, mow” and stands here watching Rich mow.

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18 months, Hailey- 6 1/2

Changes since 15 months:

Lots of talking!  Hunter tries to say everything and is getting really good at communicating what he wants.  He has even started to put some words together.  The other day after Grandma left our house, he said,  “Ma Maw aaaa- gaaaa” (Which means Grandma all gone).  It’s impossible to keep track of all of his words.

Hunter now has 3 molars in.  He has been pretty grouchy with the molars coming in.  It has definitely made sleep harder too.  When he isn’t teething his sleep has been pretty good.  He usually naps from around 1-3pm each day.  He goes to bed around 8pm and usually wakes up about an hour later and comes and gets in bed with us.  He sometimes wakes up once or twice during the night and nurses back to sleep.  He sometimes nurses to sleep for his nap and at bedtime, but he usually doesn’t want to anymore.

Hunter is such a good eater!!  He will eat pretty much anything!  And he loves his fruits and veggies.  Tomatoes are one of his favorite foods :-)

Hunter knows lots of his body parts, can point to them and can say most of them too.  He is also learning his colors, but he thinks that everything is blue, so we’re still working on that :-)   He loves books, coloring, painting, Mickey Mouse, cars, trucks, and lawn mowers.  He is such a sponge and soaks up everything we say to him.  He can follow directions- and even understands things like, “Eat your sandwich first and then you can have a cookie.”

Hunter is 25.3 pounds, which is the 68th percentile and is 33.3 inches tall, which is the 80th percentile.  He mostly wears 18-24 month clothes.  He wears size 4 diapers during the day, but next time I buy diapers I am going up to 5.  He wears size 5 diapers to bed.

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15 Months Old

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Livin With Me

Hunter at 15 months old, with Tigger

Livin With Me

My little man cub

Livin With Me

Hunter loves his books!

Livin With Me

He spends a lot of time reading his books!

Livin With Me

 Where have the months gone?

Livin With Me

 I sure do love this little boy!

Livin With Me

I am so blessed!!  Hailey 6, Hunter 15 months

Changes since last month:

Hunter tries to say everything!  I am going to try to remember his new words, but I know I will miss some- he says yellow, purple, Mickey, Minnie, mo-mo (remote), owwww (he says this whenever I pick up a brush, I think he must hear Hailey complain when I am brushing her hair, ha!).  I know there’s a lot more but I just can’t think of anything now… I think I’ll have to stop keeping track since he tries to say so much.

Hunter is a climber!  He tries to get into everything!  He goes non-stop and tires me out.  Hunter loves to go places, he wants to go somewhere every day.  He will go and get his shoes and socks (he picks matching shoes too, haha) and sit on the floor and wait for me to put them on while he is saying “ba-ba” (bye, bye).  If we don’t have anywhere to go he gets quite grouchy about it.  When it is nap time or bed time Hunter will say “nigh, nigh” and then he’ll put out a chair at the dining room table and bring me the boppy.  I usually sit at the table looking at my laptop while I hold him until he falls asleep, so he tries to get me to go do that when he’s ready for some rest.

Hunter is still nursing, he usually nurses twice during the day and sometimes once during the night.  He is completely on table food and is a pretty good eater.  He is willing to try anything and seems to like most everything he tries.

Sleeping has been a bit better… he naps in his infant car seat- a habit we will have to break at some point, but it’s working for now.  He usually naps for about 1 1/2 hours in the late morning/early afternoon.  He goes to bed at 8 in his bed and then when he wakes up he gets in bed with me and Rich.  Some nights he stays in his bed for a half hour, other nights for several hours.  We never know what he’s going to do.  He usually sleeps all night (he nurses, but is usually asleep) and gets up anywhere between 6-8.

Hunter is 23.9 pounds which is the 38th percentile, and he is 32 inches which is the 72nd percentile.  He wears 12-18 month clothes, but is definitely getting close to moving into the 18 month size.  He is still wearing size 4 diapers during the day and size 5 for bed time.

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14 Months

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Livin With Me

Where do these months keep going??  I can’t believe it’s already time for a monthly update.  I know I am going to miss stuff this month, it’s just getting too hard to remember all the new things Hunter does.  Here are the few new words that I remembered to write down:

Pa-Pa (Hailey has always called my dad “Pa,” but Hunter insists on calling him Pa-Pa
Ma-Maw (Grandma)
Wasss-sat (what’s that?)
Sah-sah (pacifier)

The only new sign Hunter does is “please” because that’s the only one I showed him.  I wish I could remember to teach him more signs.

The other fun thing that has started this month is tantrums… Hunter gets soooo mad and has some major fits.  Gotta love that part of being a toddler.  Hunter also went down to one nap this month- one day he decided he didn’t want to take a morning nap anymore… so now he takes one nap, he is usually ready for it around noon.

I sure do love this little boy and look forward to our next month together.

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13 Months

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I love this age!!  Toddlers are so much fun.  Busy and exhausting, yes, but also fun.

I tried to get a picture of Hunter playing with his favorite toy, but he decided to do this instead:

Hunter loves to look at books.  He brings me books all throughout the day to read to him.

I tried again to get a picture of Hunter with his favorite toy and he decided to do this instead:

I think books are probably his favorite thing, and I hope that is something he continues to love!

Finally Hunter took off with his favorite toy- he loves this popper toy.  He plays with it every day and no matter how many times I put it away, he gets it right back out!

Hunter got tooth number 6 this month.  Teeth number 7 and 8 are right under his gums.  Poor boy!

Here are some of the words that Hunter says at 13 months:  (I know I’m forgetting some!)

Hay-Yee (Hailey)
Ta (Pa)
nah-nah (no, no)
nigh-nigh (night-night)
tock-tock (tick tock for clock)
aaa-daaa (all done)
hey-yo (hello)
ba-ba (bye bye)
mum-mum (yum, yum)

Here are some of the signs that Hunter does.  I wish I would remember to do this more often with him as he picks them up quickly, I just forget.

all done
brush teeth
wash hands
bye bye

Hunter goes non-stop pretty much all day long.  He plays with his toys, does puzzles, looks at books, empties the cupboards, refuses to eat food off of a spoon or fork, gets into everything in the bathroom, tries to get into Hailey’s room to see all of her toys, plays football with Daddy and Hailey, gives hugs (says awwww while doing it) and kisses, head-butts Dottie and keeps me on my toes!

I can’t wait to see all of the fun things this next month has in store for us!

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