13 Months

I love this age!!  Toddlers are so much fun.  Busy and exhausting, yes, but also fun.

I tried to get a picture of Hunter playing with his favorite toy, but he decided to do this instead:

Hunter loves to look at books.  He brings me books all throughout the day to read to him.

I tried again to get a picture of Hunter with his favorite toy and he decided to do this instead:

I think books are probably his favorite thing, and I hope that is something he continues to love!

Finally Hunter took off with his favorite toy- he loves this popper toy.  He plays with it every day and no matter how many times I put it away, he gets it right back out!

Hunter got tooth number 6 this month.  Teeth number 7 and 8 are right under his gums.  Poor boy!

Here are some of the words that Hunter says at 13 months:  (I know I’m forgetting some!)

Hay-Yee (Hailey)
Ta (Pa)
nah-nah (no, no)
nigh-nigh (night-night)
tock-tock (tick tock for clock)
aaa-daaa (all done)
hey-yo (hello)
ba-ba (bye bye)
mum-mum (yum, yum)

Here are some of the signs that Hunter does.  I wish I would remember to do this more often with him as he picks them up quickly, I just forget.

all done
brush teeth
wash hands
bye bye

Hunter goes non-stop pretty much all day long.  He plays with his toys, does puzzles, looks at books, empties the cupboards, refuses to eat food off of a spoon or fork, gets into everything in the bathroom, tries to get into Hailey’s room to see all of her toys, plays football with Daddy and Hailey, gives hugs (says awwww while doing it) and kisses, head-butts Dottie and keeps me on my toes!

I can’t wait to see all of the fun things this next month has in store for us!


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