October Photo Roundup

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 I love this picture- it so perfectly shows how Hunter loves to do anything Rich is doing.


Harper and Aunt Winnie


Harper and Aunt Winnie


Hunter and Hailey playing on the spider web at the pumpkin farm


Trying out the slide


Hailey loved the duck races


Lots of jumping fun


Harper had fun at the pumpkin farm too


Hailey on the cow train


Hunter and Rich on the cow train


Hailey and Hunter


Hunter and Hailey at the pumpkin farm


Harper dressed as Snow White for a Trunk or Treat we went to.


Hailey cleaning out her pumpkin


Hunter did not want to touch inside of his pumpkin


Hunter’s finished pumpkin


Hailey’s finished pumpkin


All ready to go Trick or Treating

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Harper is 2 Months Old

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Harper is 2 months old!


The little hand on her head belongs to Hunter. As I took the picture, he reached out, touched her head, and said, “I just have to feel how soft her hair is.”



Here are some of the things Harper does at 2 months old:

She is a super happy and smiley baby!  Sometimes I think she is even doing a little laugh.

Harper loves to talk to us and coo.  Her little voice is just the sweetest.

She can roll from front to back.

Harper is still a great sleeper.  She doesn’t sleep great during the day, although occasionally she takes some great naps.  But, she is wonderful sleeper at night.  She’s usually ready for bed around 7:30 and  I wrap her up in her swaddle blanket and lay her down in her crib.  She makes a few noises and then goes to sleep.  Then she sleeps anywhere from 6-10 hours before waking up to eat.

Harper is still breastfeeding and eats anywhere between 2-3 hours during the day.  I have had to cut dairy, wheat, and soy out of my diet as we try to figure out a possible allergy she might have.  It has been a very hard adjustment, but she’s worth it.

Harper weighs 12 lbs, 4 oz and is 23 inches long.  Some of her 0-3 month clothes are starting to get a little tight, but I am not ready to put them away yet.  She is still wearing size 2 diapers.

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September Photo Roundup

September 30th, 2014 Melanie Posted in Hailey, Harper, Hunter No Comments »

Here are some pictures from this last month:

Livin With Me

Little miss Minnie

Livin With Me

Little pumpkin

Livin With Me

I sure do love these three!

Livin With Me

Harper taking a bottle for the first time.

Livin With Me

First smiles for the camera at 5 weeks.  (She started smiling at 3 weeks, but this was the first time I could get a picture.)

Livin With Me

All ready for her first week at church.

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Harper is 1 Month Old

September 19th, 2014 Melanie Posted in Harper, Monthly Updates No Comments »

Is it really time for my first monthly post about Harper? I can’t believe how fast the last month went! But, here we are at 1 month old already.

Livin With Me

Harper is 1 month old!

Livin With Me

Livin With Me

Livin With Me

Livin With Me

Such a little sweetie :-)

Here are a few things that Harper does at 1 month old:

She definitely smiles at us.  When we ask her to smile she will do it.  I haven’t been able to get a picture yet of her doing it, but I will post one when I can get her to do it for the camera.

Harper is just starting to coo and talk to us and tell us little stories.

Harper loves to watch Hailey and Hunter play.  Hunter really loves to entertain her and share his toys with her- and Harper will just sit and watch his busy little body!  Hailey loves to hold Harper and snuggle her and Harper loves to smile at Hailey.  Harper also loves to look at ceiling fans and she also likes to stare at the curtains in our living room- those were some of Hunter’s favorite things to look at too.  Harper is not a fan of tummy time (do babies ever like tummy time?).  She would rather just put her head down and go to sleep or cry until I pick her up.  Harper loves to be held and does not like it so much when she is put down.

Harper is an excellent sleeper.  I am so thankful she sleeps so well!  She takes naps through out the day and I haven’t really found a pattern yet.  Some days she barely sleeps all day and others she sleeps very soundly for a couple of long naps.  At night she always sleeps great.  She has been doing one stretch of sleep between 5-7 hours.  She wakes up to eat and goes right back to sleep.  After her long stretch of sleep she is usually up every 2 or 3 hours to nurse, but she always goes right back to sleep.

Harper is breastfeeding and usually goes between 1-3 hours between feedings during the day.

Harper weighs 11 pounds (77th percentile) and is 22 1/4 inches long (69th percentile).  She wears 0-3 clothes and size 2 diapers.

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