Dear Hailey,

Where have the last six years gone?  I don’t know, but they sure went by fast.  It’s strange though- on one hand this last year seems to have gone by even faster than the other years, but on the other hand it feels like so long ago that you turned five.

You really grew up in the last year.  People have been commenting a lot lately that you suddenly look like you’re older.  It’s true too, you are just so grown up all of a sudden.  You are a first grader now and that just seems so much more mature than a kindergartener.  You have become very independent and can do so much on your own.  I know that’s how it’s supposed to be, but sometimes I miss you needing my help all the time.

You had a fantastic year in kindergarten  We were so proud of how hard you worked.  You learned to read, and once you figured it out you couldn’t get enough.  You just love to read and read!  Your teacher told us what a great reader you were and that you were reading at a first grade level.  When kindergarten came to an end you were sad- you didn’t think you’d like summer vacation very much.  At first we had to spend summer vacation doing school work because you missed school so much.  You did get over that and decided you actually liked summer vacation after a couple of weeks.

You’re in first grade now and you still love school.  You were very nervous about going back to school.  You didn’t think there was any way your new teacher could be as nice as your kindergarten teacher and you decided you’d be better off going back to kindergarten.  Thankfully I convinced you to give first grade a try, and you love your teacher.  You’re doing great so far in first grade and you are such a hard worker.

I think the biggest event in the last year for you was becoming a big sister.  You are an absolutely amazing big sister.  Hunter lights up whenever he sees you and you are so good with him.  When you hear him cry you always try to help make him happy.  You give him tons of hugs and kisses.  You play with him, entertain him, and love him so much.  Being a big sister has not been without challenges.  Sometimes you tell us that Hunter gets more attention than you or that you feel left out.  We try to make sure you know how special you are and how much we love you.  I know that being a big sister can be hard but you are most definitely the best big sister ever!

You are still a girly girl.  Your favorite things to play with are Barbie dolls and princesses.  I love to listen to you in your room playing with your dolls.  Your imagination is amazing and entertaining.  You love pink and purple and dressing in skirts and dresses.  You love coloring and drawing.  Sometimes you spend hours in your room coloring pictures.

You still light up my world.  I can’t imagine a life without having my little miss.  I love watching you grow and learn and turn into a young lady.  You are my world and I’ll love you more than you will ever know.

I love you Little Miss!!  Happy 6th Birthday!



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