Celebrating Hailey

Hailey’s birthday party isn’t until next weekend, but we couldn’t make her wait a whole week before celebrating her birthday.

On the morning of her birthday she got to open a few presents before church.

We went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch to celebrate.

Chuck E Cheese and Hailey

Chuck E Cheese brought a cake right to our table for Hailey and we all sang to her.

Chuck E Cheese and Hailey

Hunter was excited to see Chuck E Cheese too.

Later on Hailey opened some more presents.

I brought cupcakes to Hailey’s class so we could celebrate her birthday there.  Notice a little frosting on her mouth :-)

Happy Birthday up on the smart board for Hailey.

During Hailey’s classroom party there were 2 fire drills.  Guess that’s something to make sure we never forget that celebration ;-)

Hailey with her birthday bag full of treats from her teacher.

This weekend we will celebrate again when we have her friend party on Saturday afternoon and her family party on Saturday evening.  She’s definitely a special little girl and we love celebrating her!!


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