10 Months Old

Tigger with Hunter at 10 months old.  It was so hard to get a picture this month!

Hunter likes to play peek-a-boo using his bedroom door.

Hunter will use anything that he can to help himself stand.

I can’t believe he’s already 10 months old!

I think he’s close to walking!  He has started standing up and letting go, just standing there not holding on to anything.  He hasn’t tried to take any steps yet, but I know that’s coming soon enough.

Everything Hailey does, Hunter has to do too.  If Hailey screeches, Hunter screeches.  If Hailey makes a funny noise, Hunter makes a funny noise.  If Hailey plays the piano, Hunter plays the piano.  He sure does look up to her and wants to do everything she does.  When Hunter plays the piano he sings too- he’ll say “aaaaahhhhhh.”  He also does that when someone sings, he waits for the person to stop singing and then he sings back.

Hailey- 6 years old, Hunter 10 months old

New stuff from this month:

Hunter’s 4th tooth came in a day after he turned 9 months old.  He is now working on two more top teeth.

Hunter had a very busy month checking out our house since he is now a speedy crawler.  He started to crawl about a week before turning 9 months, so this last month he has been very busy finding anything and everything that he could possibly get into.  He is such a busy little boy!!  We have to keep the bathroom and bedroom doors closed to keep him out.  But now that he is standing up all the time he tries to reach the door knobs.  He also tries to reach the top of the gate at the stairs and he works hard seeing if he can get it open.

One of Hunter’s favorite games to play is- throw my toys down the stairs and see who will go get them for me :-)   He also loves to be chased… he’ll crawl a little ways, then sit and look at me and giggle, then crawl again- waiting for me to chase him.  It’s just too cute.  He has just started to help clean up his toys- when I sing the “Clean Up” song, he will stop what he is doing and start putting his toys into his bins.  I love it!!  He doesn’t like it too much when I help- he’ll tip the bin and look for whatever I put in there so he can take it back out hahaha

Sleep has been a little bit better, but only because he sleeps with me and Rich.  For nap time I usually have to hold him while he sleeps (my facebook time) or lay down with him.  He immediately wakes up if I try to put him in his crib.  At night he’ll go into his crib for a little while, maybe an hour at most, then he comes and gets into bed with us.  It’s working for now and we’re all getting more sleep, so we just have to do what works.

Hunter is still not really doing table foods- for the most part he’ll chew and chew and then just keep the food in his mouth and not swallow it.  Eventually I have to take it out of his mouth.  There are some table foods he eats, but for the most part he’s still eating baby food.  He loves sweet potatoes and yogurt- I think those are his 2 favorites.

Hunter did not have a check-up this month so I don’t know his weight/height.  I think he weighs around 21 pounds.  I know he’s gotten longer but when I tried to measure him he was shorter than last month, so I don’t think I got a very good measurement hahaha.  He is now wearing 12 months or 12-18 month clothes.  He is still wearing size 4 diapers.


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