Disney Vacation 2012- Day 10

Our last day in Disney World :-(   We slept in until 8am and then packed up most of our stuff.  Then we went and got some breakfast and ate it by the pool.  We all went swimming for a while:

I was getting nervous that we weren’t going to get everything packed up in time to go, so I went back to our room to finish packing while Hailey and Rich did some more swimming.

One last picture of the building we stayed in.

Once everything was all packed up I called and booked our bounce back offer (free dining).  We decided to stay at the French Quarter for our next visit.  It’s much smaller and we didn’t really like how huge Riverside is.  We stayed at French Quarter a few years ago and really liked it there.

Then we had some yummy lunch and I had a Magic Cookie with my lunch.  It was sooooo super delicious!!

There was a little time to play in the arcade before we had to go.

While we waited for the bus to come to take us back to the airport we looked for Hidden Mickey’s in our lobby and found several of them.  Can you find all of them?

My princess

Sad to be on Magical Express back to the airport.

When we got to the airport, Rich said we could just pick any security line to go through.  I told him I didn’t think so and we should ask someone first since we had never flown Southwest out of Orlando before.  He insisted he was right so we picked a line and waited in it.  Once we got all the way through the line we asked where to go for Southwest… and guess what- we were at the wrong end of the airport.  We had to go all the way to other end and wait in line to go through security again.  Do you know how much fun that is with a 5 year old and a very overtired baby?  Lots… We were able to go through the employee line and skip the longest part of the wait, so that was very helpful.  When we go to North Carolina we were just supposed to do a quick stop and then continue on our way without getting off the plane.  But, there were severe thunderstorms at our destination so we were delayed.  Ugh!  We finally arrived at our destination much later than we had planned.  Then all the buses that came to pick people up to take them to the parking lot were so full there was no room for any people on them, let alone us with all our luggage.  Finally Rich went and got on the bus and went and got our car while I waited with Hailey and Hunter.  It took well over an hour… not fun at midnight.  Then of course there was the 3 hour drive home, while Hunter screamed because he had not been in his car seat for 10 days and was not happy about being in it again, he did eventually fall asleep about an hour into the trip home.  So, the trip home was not a whole lot of fun…

We did have a wonderful trip to Disney this year!  It is certainly much harder to do with a baby but we still had a great time.  I really liked how we took it slower this year and didn’t stay until park closing every night.  It felt much more relaxing than usual.  We can’t wait to go back!!


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