Kitchen Remodel- The Rebuild

The kitchen remodel started on May 1, 2012… but how long before it was actually finished?

June 4th- the ceiling and walls have been painted and the first wall cabinet is up.

June 8th- all the wall cabinets have been hung up.  5 1/2 weeks doesn’t seem too bad!

My dad helped us so much and was here almost every day helping Rich work on the kitchen.  We appreciated it sooooo much!!  Here he is redoing some plumbing work before they put in the new sink cabinet.

June 17th- all the floor cabinets are in.  Rich and my dad were able to hook up the old sink and leave it on the new cabinets while we waited for the counter top to be installed.  This was wonderful because it meant we were rarely without water.

June 27th- new counter top is in!

New refrigerator in a new place, which gives us some extra counter space.

July 8th- almost done… all appliances are in… the floor has been laid, all boxes have been unpacked, etc.

July 8th… another view

July 8th- another view.  We still need to finish above the sink, not sure what we’re going to do up there.


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