Disney Vacation 2012- Day 8

So, we had 2 full park days left and we had to decide what we wanted to do.  My original plans had given us 2 full days in each of the parks except Animal Kingdom, plus our down day.  Since we ended up with 2 down days with Hailey being sick we had to decide which park would not get a full 2nd day- Hollywood Studios, Epcot or Magic Kingdom.  Or, did we finally want to use our Park Hoppers and split a day between parks?  We decided that the only ride we really wanted to go on at Hollywood Studios again was Toy Story Mania and we didn’t want the hassle of park hopping to just do one ride.  So, we all agreed not to do another at Hollywood Studios.

We arrived at Epcot at 9:24 am :-)   We headed right to Soarin’.  Rich grabbed fastpasses, but since it was still early in the day there wasn’t any wait yet.

Rich and Hailey went on Soarin’ and when they got off it was already time to use the fastpasses.  We hadn’t eaten breakfast before arriving at Epcot and we were hungry, so we didn’t want to use them right then.  Rich got new fastpasses for later in the day (I think they were for around 1:30pm).  Since the current wait was up to an hour, Rich gave our fastpasses that needed to be used right then to some other people who were getting ready to get in to the hour long queue.

I never even knew that Sunshine Seasons served breakfast- but they do!  And it was really good- there were several delicious choices.

Hunter took a little nap during breakfast.

Rich’s breakfast and my breakfast. We actually each ate half of both.  They were both very yummy!

Hailey had french toast, although she still didn’t eat much.  She acted like she was feeling fine and seemed to be herself, she still just didn’t want to eat much.

Then we were off to ride Figment… there is never anyone on this ride.  I have never even seen a line for this ride.  Why is that?  Hailey loves it.  So, we walked right on.

Of course Hailey had to run and dance after riding Figment.

My pretty little miss

After we rode Figment we met up with a friend of mine from high school, Jen and her husband Paul and their son Matthew.  We stood outside Figment and talked for a while.  Then our families rode Figment together.  Hailey and Matthew had to sit together, they were too cute!  After that we decided to do a Perry adventure together.  We went off to China to complete our missions.

Hailey got to see Mulan on our way into China to do our Perry adventure.

Hailey, Mulan and Matthew.  I’m not so sure he was all that thrilled about posing with a princess ;-)

Hailey stopped at Kidcot in China.

Working on her mission


Once we completed our missions we talked for a bit more with Jen and Paul while Hailey and Matthew played together for a little while.  Then we headed our separate ways.  I wonder if we’ll wait 17 years before we meet up again :-)

It was time for us to our fastpasses for Soarin’ but we never made it back.  Hailey wanted to do all the Kidcot stops and we have never spent much time in the different countries, so we decided to just skip Soarin’.

First we rode the boat ride in Norway and Hailey visited the Kidcot stop.

We stopped so Hailey and Hunter could make a little music.  It was soooo hot and we were thirsty, so when we saw a place that had root beer floats we decided to stop and get some.  I noticed a little counter, so I told Rich we could go stand there for a few minutes and get our straws and napkins.  Well, Rich went to set his cup down on the counter and look what happened:

If you know Rich you won’t be surprised that he said to me, “I blame you for this.”  I tried not to laugh because he was mad, but I found it pretty entertaining that he could come up with a way to blame me that he spilled his drink.  So I suggested he just go back to the counter and explain what happened and that they would probably just give him a new one.  So, while he was gone I took a picture of the spill and had a nice little laugh :-)   Once he had his new drink and was happy again I asked him how it was possibly my fault… well apparently I caused it to happen because I suggested we stop at that counter to get straws and napkins.  Makes perfect sense.

Next we stopped at Kidcot in Germany.  It was really hot out and we wanted to get out of the heat for a little while, so we let Hailey sit and color Duffy.

Next up we stopped in Italy.

We stopped in America and listened to the Voices of Liberty sing- they were amazing!!  Then we watched the show in the American pavilion.  Hunter and I fell asleep and Hailey was almost asleep when it ended.  It’s not that the show is bad- but it was so hot outside and when we sat down in the AC for a few minutes and held still it was just too hard to stay awake.

Then we stopped in Japan


Then we visited Morocco

Rich took Hailey to France to do the Kidcot stop there while I got in line so she could meet Jasmine and Aladdin.

The view while in line to meet Jasmine and Aladdin

Hailey asked them if they came in on their magic carpet.  It turns out that they did in fact ride their magic carpet but had parked it up on the roof top, where he likes to take a nap.

After that we went to the Kidcot stop in the UK.

Then we were off to Canada.

I love the pretty flowers!

Hailey in Canada

We went to take a quick ride on Figment again before our dinner reservation in France.

The Eiffel tower

We had dinner at Les Chefs de France.  We like to try a new table service restaurant every time we go and this was our new one for this trip.

Hailey meeting Remy.


Hailey was pretty sure she would not be able to eat her cookie for dessert.

My creme brulee was delicious!!  And I was, in fact, able to eat all of my dessert.

Overall we were all very disappointed in Les Chefs de France.  None of us really liked our dinner (I did like my dessert though) and we were really disappointed with Remy.  After he had been to our table Hailey said, “So when do I get to meet Remy?”  And I said, “That was it.”  We had heard how funny it was supposed to be and he only spent a few seconds with us.  It just was different than what we expected and we decided we would never eat there again.

Hailey asked Mary Poppins if she can say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” backwards.  And guess what!  She can :-)

We had to do one last Piggy Bank adventure

One last ride on Nemo

Then Hailey did the last Kidcot stop that she had left- Mexico.

She got to all of the countries and was proud of herself for finishing.

We went on the Mexico boat ride and then were talking about heading back to the hotel so Hailey would have time to go swimming.  She told us she would rather stay for the fireworks.  So, we decided we would stay.  We had not stayed for fireworks at all this trip (and I actually really liked it that way!) so we figured we should at least see Illuminations.  We had some time, so we went on the Norway boat ride again.  It actually had a 15 minute wait, and that ride never has a wait!  After the boat ride we all stopped to use the bathroom and then found a good spot to watch Illuminations.


Hunter seemed to enjoy the show… he didn’t cry or act scared of the fireworks.  Every time the fireworks went off he would close his eyes, but he didn’t act scared.

After Illuminations we headed to our bus stop with the masses of people.  It really wasn’t too bad though.

Hailey asleep while we waited for our bus.

When we were getting on the bus I noticed our spray bottle/ fan mister thing was gone :-(   Someone must have taken it from our stroller while we were on a ride.  That is the first time in all of our trips to Disney that someone has stolen something from us.

Hailey’s favorites of the day- Playing with Matthew, riding Figment, seeing fireworks and meeting Mulan and Jasmine.


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