First Ride on a School Bus

Last Wednesday was Hailey’s first day of kindergarten.  But due to terrible flooding the kids were sent home early that day at 12:30pm.  Then school was closed on Thursday, Friday and Monday all due to the devastation our area suffered as a result of the flooding.  Today (Tuesday) Hailey had her first full day of kindergarten as well as her first ride on the school bus.

Hailey was really excited about riding on the school bus for the first time.  She has to catch the bus at 7:24am and school starts at 7:45am.

Getting on the bus!

She was a little nervous about what to do when she got to school since she didn’t remember where her classroom was but we told her there would be a teacher to help her find her class.

School gets dismissed at 2:25pm and Hailey’s drop off time at our house is 2:37pm, so it’s a nice short ride for her.

At the end of the day…

All smiles as she got off the bus!

Since I was in the driveway when Hailey left for school and was waiting there for her when she got home from school, she asked me, “Mom, did you stay out here and wait for me all day?”

When I asked her if she liked kindergarten she said, “Mom I LOVED kindergarten!”  Later when I asked her if she was going back to school again tomorrow she said, “Of course! I LOVE kindergarten!”  I hope this love of school always lasts.


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