First Day of Kindergarten

I can’t believe that my little miss started kindergarten today.  She has been very excited about going and was getting pretty bored of just hanging out with me all summer.  Here are some pictures of her first day:

A yummy breakfast of toast with jelly, sausage and cocoa puffs (dry).

Hailey in the outfit she picked out for the first day.

Her Scooby Doo lunch bag.  She also has a Smurf lunch bag, but picked Scooby Doo for the first day.

The princess book bag.

All ready for school and looking so grown up.

Hailey in her seat in her classroom.

Rich and I took her for her first day and she looked very worried when we were leaving.  We only stayed a couple of minutes to get her settled.  She kept saying, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”  So I helped her find a hook for her book bag and find her seat.  Then I gave her a quick hug and kiss and we left.  (And I didn’t cry until we were back in the car!)

It was a crazy day because we are having some major flooding and schools ended up dismissing early. So I had to pick Hailey up 2 hours early.  When I went to the cafeteria to pick her up (that’s where the kids getting picked up are supposed to be) she wasn’t there so I had to go to her classroom to get her. Her teacher told me she did great and had a wonderful day!

Hailey told me she felt kind of happy and a little bit shy before school but when she got to school she felt wonderful. Her favorite thing she did today was go to gym class.  She is so excited to go back tomorrow. I kind of think with all the evacuations and road closures due to flooding she won’t have school, which she is not happy about.  But I’m glad she likes it so much!!  It makes it a little easier on me knowing she is having so much fun.


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