Random Pictures from September

September is already over… where does the time go?  Here are some pictures from throughout the month.

Hailey all dressed up for school.  She loves getting all dressed up and always wants to wear pretty dresses/skirts with fancy shoes.

Rich celebrated his 37th birthday this month.  Hailey had to help him blow out his candles.

One night I told Hailey to go get ready for bed.  I could hear her in her room quietly singing and (I assumed) getting her pajamas on.  A few minutes later she came out to show me that she had covered her face with lip gloss.

One day Rich and I went to visit Hailey at school and we ate lunch with her.  She was so excited that we were coming and it was really nice to get to see her with her class.

Back in July Hailey had spent an afternoon with Grandma and Pa. When they were bringing her back home my mom mentioned they had visited a pet store and that Hailey was bringing home a surprise to show us. I told my mom that I hoped the surprise didn’t come from the pet store and I hoped it wasn’t anything alive. Well- it was 2 little goldfish in a little bowl and Hailey really loved them. This month we upgraded to a little bit bigger tank, added another fish and some decorations. Hailey sure loves her fish!


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