Disney Vacation Pictures- Day 9

It seemed like we had just arrived, but it was already time to go home :-(

Hailey was sooooo sad that we had to leave her flower balloon there.  She wanted to bring it home to show Grandma and Pa.  So I told her we’d take a picture of it and she could show them in the picture.

I took a few more pictures of Pop Century before we left.

The lobby

Hailey enjoying her last breakfast in Disney.

Hailey posing in front of Tramp in the 1950s section.

Hailey and Lady in the 1950s section

The bowling pin shaped pool in the 1950s section.

Mrs. Potato Head, Hailey and Mr. Potato Head

The rubik’s cube in the 1980s section.

Hailey standing on the keyboard in the 1980s section.

Walkman, also in the 1980s.

A view of the pool that is next to the giant keyboard in the 1980s.  The laptop is part of the 1990s section.

Hailey running around on the giant keyboard.

Rich and Hailey playing a game of Twister before we had to leave.

The saddest sight in Disney World :-(

On the bus on our way back to the airport.

Hailey playing with her new Little Mermaid figurines while waiting for our airplane.

In the car on the way home.

Hailey’s favorites of the trip: Ride- Peter Pan and Nemo, Character- Ariel

We had an amazing trip!!  We can’t wait to go back!!


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2 comments on “Disney Vacation Pictures- Day 9

  1. Weekend Cowgirl on said:

    I want to go back!!!

  2. Awww… the end comes. :(

    How many pics did you take overall?

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    Come on over and enter!  

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