Hailey’s Fun Weekend Away

Last weekend Rich and I went away for the first time since Hailey was born.  We had lots of fun on our weekend getaway.  Hailey spent the weekend with my parents and she had lots of fun too!  Here are a few of the pictures my dad took of all of the fun Hailey had.

Livin With Me

Hailey playing with her ball in the living room.

Livin With Me

Hailey took a break from all of her fun to talk to me and Rich on the phone.

Livin With Me

Hailey and Pa went sledding.

Livin With Me

They also made a snowman.

Livin With Me

Hailey and Murray posing in the snow fort Hailey and Pa made.

Livin With Me

Hailey dancing while watching an old video of Psalty the Singing Songbook my parents pulled out from when I was little.

Livin With Me

Gramma helped Hailey make a Valentine for me and Rich. 

Livin With Me

All ready for church.

Livin With Me

When we got back I got a big hug and then Hailey gave me the Valentine she made. 

I had a great time away with Rich and Hailey had a great time with Gramma and Pa.  But boy did I miss that little girl!  It sure felt good to be back and feel her little arms around me!


Livin' With Me!

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15 comments on “Hailey’s Fun Weekend Away

  1. I’m so glad she had so much fun. How nice that you and Rich were able to get away from some one-on-one time. I know you missed Hailey- but I’m sure it was nice to have that time to reconnect and hopefully you feel refreshed as a mommy too! You can tell from the pictures that Hailey has so much fun! She is looking quite grown up these days! I remember seeing her baby pictures and now she looks more like a kid!

  2. Andrea on said:

    It looks like she had a great time…but you DO miss them a LOT when you’re not around them, huh? I definitely feel the same way!

  3. Elizabeth on said:

    She’s adorable and it looks like she was in very good hands and had the time of her life. How fun for you and Rich to get some alone time!

  4. That is so awesome. Totally adorable pics!

  5. Michelle on said:

    Gosh, she is just so darn adorable. Looks like she had a ball at her grandparents house. It’s nice to have such wonderful grandparents. I have awesome memories of mine. They were the center of my universe when I was a kid. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. chelle on said:

    She totally had a fun time eh?
    What a cutie!

  7. She looks like she had a blast! My kids love spending time with their grandparents. Sometimes they go there and my hubby and I just stay home. Good for you taking a little time to yourselves. All parents need that.

  8. Ashley on said:

    I bet her grandparents had just as much fun as she did.

  9. Rachel on said:

    Gorgeous pictures! I love the movement in the first one!

  10. Regina on said:

    Awesome pictures! The one of Hailey on the phone is too cute!!

  11. Looks like she had a great time!

  12. Akanksha Dureja on said:


    I hopped here from Shalini’s blog.:-)And I am glad that i made that random click!

    Nice blog you have here..and a really cute kid!

  13. Akanksha Dureja on said:

    linked you!!! :-)

  14. ComfyDenim on said:

    What makes going away more fun??
    The hugs when you get back. :-)

  15. She is an absolute doll.

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