Our Weekend Getaway

This past weekend Rich and I went on a weekend getaway.  This was the first time we had left Hailey for more than a few hours.  I was nervous about leaving her but I knew that it would be good for Rich and I to get away.  So, with my parents watching Hailey we headed off on our little trip.

The first night I worried about Hailey and I couldn’t sleep very well.  When I talked to Hailey on Saturday morning and found out she was fine and having a blast I was able to relax and enjoy the rest of our trip.

Livin With Me

Me and Rich standing on the frozen lake.

Livin With Me

I have never seen such a huge snowman so we had to stop and take a picture of him.

We had a fantastic trip and Hailey had a great time with Gramma and Pa.  I’ll be posting some of the pictures my dad took while Hailey was with them.

On Sunday when we got back we had a very nice dinner to go to for my Father-In-Law’s 70th birthday.  We don’t often see everyone on Rich’s side of the family and it was so nice that everyone was able to get together.

Monday night my parents watched Hailey again and Rich and I went out on a nice little date.  It was so wonderful to get to spend so much time with Rich! 

Now we’re home now and I’m sad to be back.


Livin' With Me!

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14 comments on “Our Weekend Getaway

  1. Candid Carrie on said:

    Wow, look how happy you guys look! Now, next time you go some place (very, very soon) you will need to give this picture to Haley so she can have a keepsake (just in case she needs it).

    You deserved this break! Welcome home and get back to work. I am sure you have laundry and dusting and, blogging!

  2. Heather @ Not a DIY LIfe on said:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your getaway! I am not looking forward to our first night away from Ladybug (not planned anytime soon!). I don’t mind being away from her for a few hours. But I love snuggling up with her at night. I’m not ready to be separated yet. I’m sure she would do fine, I’m just not ready for it. And I can admit it!

  3. stephanie on said:

    Fun for you guys. Probably something that was much needed. It is always nice to have that time to reconnect!

  4. Glad you were able to enjoy yourself. That 1st trip away is the hardest! It gets better, I promise. :) Love that huge snowman!

  5. rachel on said:

    Great pictures. I love weekend getaways. so important. you look so happy.

  6. Regina on said:

    I’m glad you guys had a chance to get away and enjoy each other! No matter how much we love our kids for the sake of sanity all parents HAVE to get away sometime!!

  7. I’m so glad you had a good trip and were able to take the time to get away together!

  8. Sharon on said:

    Good for you!
    I’ll bet it reminded you of what things used to be like before little ones. That is very important for us and for our husbands.
    I am so glad you had a great time….and how nice your parents could watch Hailey.

  9. Michelle on said:

    Awww, what a cute picture of you guys. It’s nice to place a picture with the blog. Sounds like you guys had an amazing time. I’d love to go on a little getaway with my hubby. It’s been a long time for us. I love the snowman picture. Awesome!

  10. MamaGeek on said:

    That sounds so lovely Melanie! Isn’t it amazing what a change of scenery can do for the mind! I love that shot too.

  11. chelle on said:

    How fabulous!!!
    I can only dream of being able to get away with my husband that way!

  12. So glad you had a chance to get away! I am sure you’re feeling refreshed! I want a vacation, now. Instead, here I am, at work, on a Saturday morning. Bleh.

  13. Jessie on said:

    I am really glad to hear that you both had such a nice time. WOW – look at all that snow! I haven’t seen that much in 1 place since living in the midwest :) We just went on our first weekend away from the kiddos the beginning of January – it was the longest 29 hours I swear of my life! Hubs knew that I was nervous about leaving them so he was pretty supportive and we did have a fabulous time too!

  14. Sounds like a great time. That snowman is crazy big!

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