Wordless Wednesday- Then and Now

Hailey at 2 months old with her Uncle Matt, showing off their Virginia Tech hats.

Livin With Me

Hailey at 1 year old, showing off her Virginia Tech hat.

Livin With Me

Hailey at 2 years old showing off her Virginia Tech hat.

Where, oh where has the time gone?

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Livin' With Me!

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27 comments on “Wordless Wednesday- Then and Now

  1. Shalini on said:

    Ahh.. she has always been an adorable lil girl :)

  2. Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama on said:

    I love to see “through the years” pictures like these!

  3. Mutheirng Heights on said:

    Someone is getting their money’s worth out of that hat!

  4. Rachel @ Grasping for Objectivity in my Subjective Life on said:

    TOO cute!! I love pictures with objects to show how much kids grow!! Great pic!

  5. Melissa on said:

    Thats great you have all those pictures in her cute hat!! What a memory. Happy WW

  6. Cute series! Looks like she still has some room in the hat, I wonder how many years you’ll get out of it.

  7. How sweet.. they grow soo fast !!

  8. shirley on said:

    WHT A CUTIE, She is just so BEAUTIUL

  9. Jay @ Halftime Lessons on said:

    Awww…nice pics.

    Happy WW!!



  10. sheila on said:

    All adorable pics, but the first one? Ohhhhh, that’s awesome!

  11. Jessie on said:

    It goes waaaayyyy too fast :( I cried when my youngest turned 2 this year – probably preggo hormones but it was a sad day for me b/c it has gone so fast.

  12. I don’t have kids, but my little niece is growing so quickly, I feel like I can kindof relate! Cute pictures!

  13. Jeanette on said:

    awww – makes me sad how fast they grow up!

  14. It’s amazing how fast they grow up! Adorable pictures!

  15. Tiff@Three Peas on said:

    I’m amazed at how much she has grown! She certainly is a beauty!

  16. Ashley on said:

    Where did the time go? She has grown so much and is soo cute!

  17. WOW has she changed in those two years! Very cute pics :)

  18. So cute!!!

  19. Oh my goodness! She is just the cutiest! Where has the time gone??

  20. Heather @ Not a DIY LIfe on said:

    Oh, she melts my heart in that last one! What a beauty!

  21. Look at her!! Time just goes by SO fast, huh? One minute that the hat is way too big and the next minute it’s too small…

  22. Cute pictures! I love the idea of taking a photo of her in the hat every year!

  23. Michelle on said:

    She’s has grown up to be an adorable little girl. I agree, time sure flies by. My little one’s 4 and it feels like yesterday that I brought her home.

  24. she is getting to be such a big girl!!

  25. Kristie on said:

    She is a little cutie! I always love putting my kids in clothes with my college’s logo too!

  26. Sharon on said:

    She is growing up so fast.
    Her little face is maturing…she is becoming a young lady.
    Sweet pictures.

  27. rachel on said:

    Where does the time go? I cannot believe how big Hailey is-she is not a baby anymore.

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