A Little Update

About two weeks ago I posted and told you about how Hailey was sick with pneumonia.  Since then I’ve had some emails from people wanting to know how she was doing.  First of all- thank you so much for caring enough to email me and ask how Hailey is feeling.  That meant a lot to me!!

Anyhoo- a couple of days after starting her antibiotic Hailey was acting a whole lot better.  We were still dealing with some throwing up and diarrhea… I’m not sure if it was still the stomach bug or if her antibiotic was bothering her stomach.  But, by the weekend Hailey was pretty much back to her normal self.  I took her back last Wednesday for a re-check and her lungs sounded perfect.  Thank you so much for your prayers!!

Then last Friday Hailey started coughing again, had a stuffy nose and little rash.  I waited until Saturday to make sure the rash wasn’t just a skin irritation (she has very sensitive skin) and the rash was still there, so I took her back to the doctor.  The doctor said the rash is part of a virus and is nothing to be worried about.  Hailey’s lungs still sounded nice and clear but the doctor wants us to keep using the nebulizer treatments. 

As of today- the rash is just about gone and doesn’t seem to bother Hailey at all.  Her stuffy nose is gone.  The cough is still here.  In fact last night she woke up around 10:30 pm coughing.  When I brought her a drink she smiled at me and said, “I am so hyper Mommy.”  She didn’t go back to sleep until 2:15 am.  Why can’t they make a nebulizer treatment that doesn’t make her hyper?

So- thanks again for praying that Hailey’s pneumonia would clear up.  Please keep her in your prayers that this cough goes away and doesn’t turn into pneumonia again.  And also- pray that she sleeps!


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10 comments on “A Little Update

  1. I’m so glad she is doing better, but I am so sorry that she is not sleeping well for you. To me- that is the hardest part of mommyhood. I’m no good to anyone without enough sleep. here’s hoping she sleeps extra well tonight!

  2. tara @ kidz on said:

    Oh I will definitely keep her in my prayers and I hope you all get some good sleep!

  3. sheila on said:

    Awe, poor little girl! Poor mom too! Hope the cough goes away soon. I hate the stuff ya have to put in nebulizers. My experience (with my son) is rapid heartbeat. And hyperness. Makes me scared.

    here’s wishing you some sleepFUL nights!

  4. awww poor Hailey I’m glad she is feeling better. O hope you get some sleep soon :D

  5. Glad she is feeling better! Hope you all get some needed sleep soon. I know every night I hope its going to be a good night for sleep!! You would think they could come up with something for the nebulizer that wouldn’t make them hyper… maybe someday!

  6. Michelle on said:

    Awww, poor little Hailey. It’s no fun being sick. My thought and prayers are with you guys. My Hailey came down with bronchitis right before Thanksgiving and just recently got rid of the cough. Of course I had her to the doctors twice, but they won’t give her something until there are lung problems. Seems silly to me. It seems like when it’s upper repository it takes forever for the coughs to go away. I had Phenomena a few years ago. I came down with it on a Las Vegas vacation. I know how terrible it is. Hope she keeps getting better. Take care.

  7. I hope she gets a good nights sleep tonight and glad she’s getting better!

  8. jennifer on said:

    I am glad she is getting better. I will surely keep her in my prayers. It is so hard to see your baby sick.

  9. Jessie on said:

    That is really good news and I am glad to hear that she is getting better. Hopefully you are both getting a little more sleep now though :)

  10. Heather @ Not a DIY LIfe on said:

    So glad she’s doing better. My niece has to use a nebulizer and says the same thing. And she’s hyper enough without it!

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