Failing at Fighting the Winter Blues

About a month ago I posted Fighting the Winter Blues where I joined in on Andrea’s Winter Activity Menu Challenge.

So, I had all of my fabulous plans in place.  Then Hailey got sick.  And do you know how many of the fun ideas we did?  One.  Out of the 12.  We did have our baking night and we made a yummy cake.  But everything else on the list?  We didn’t do it.  I was supposed to post about my successes/failures on November 21st- but I was much too busy feeling depressed to post about it.

So it’s time to post again- and I don’t really have anything new to share.  The last 2 weeks were pretty good because we spent a week at my parents house for Thanksgiving.  Since we got home on Monday I have been pretty busy putting away fall decorations, getting my Christmas decorations out and doing some work related stuff, so we have been pretty occupied this week.

This weekend my parents will be here and we are all going to see a Christmas play.  After that my plans are pretty much non-existent.  Honestly at this point- I don’t know if we’re going back to any of our mommy groups.  I know people tell me that Hailey has to be exposed to germs at this age and get sick in order to build up her immune system.  The problem is that when Hailey gets sick she has a hard time breathing.  And listening to Hailey wheeze and struggle to breathe between coughs all night long just because I want to get out of the house isn’t something I think I can do yet.  I hate pumping chemicals into her body (her nebulizer treatment so that she can breathe) just so that we can go to some playgroups.

So for right now, I don’t know what our plans are for the next couple of weeks.  I do know that it’s not even technically winter yet and I am already feeling down, depressed and lonely.  I don’t know how I’ll stand it until spring.

Sorry this was such a depressing post today.  But it’s just how I’m feeling.


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13 comments on “Failing at Fighting the Winter Blues

  1. Regina on said:

    Tis the season. I just finished writing a post so depressing that I have not published yet because it makes me cry so I had to stop writing. I’ll probably post it some time tomorrow. Lord help us… I can’t even think of anything uplifting to say **sigh**…
    No matter what “others” say you have to do what is best for you and Hailey, people will always have “advice” but you know what is best.

  2. Sharon on said:

    Girl I am so sorry you are feeling this way.
    My Mom asked me the other day if I was starting to feel all cramped in the camper. And I was happy to be able to say no.
    Julia and I have had fun doing some crafts from the Martha Steward site. If you are not getting the daily emails you should…she has had some good things.
    How about you and Hailey doing some baking and making a delivery to a nursing home? You can usually call the home and they will make suggestions as to what you should bring. And then ya’ll can play Santa.
    Is there maybe a women’s Bible study that you could get involved with? I know that would mean that Hailey would have to be around other kids if they have a nursery…but you have to think about your sanity. Getting out has helped…even if it is just to ride around and take pictures.
    Remember to focus on the good things God has provided. I have had to remind myself of this in the last few months too. I could preach a mini sermon here…so I will stop.
    I have you on my frig and I will keep praying.This post will help me be a little more specific.;)
    Love ya girl

  3. Heather @ Not a DIY Life on said:

    Sure, kids should be exposed to SOME germs, but not every-single-yucky-nasty thing that comes along. during the winter, i have one or two other mommies that we get together with. we trust each other and know that if our kiddo is sick, we keep ourselves home.

    Also, over-exposure to germs can also mean too many antibiotics, leading to more resistent strains of yuckiness. I know it’s hard on mommy when you’re stuck at home. I try to only have one day/week when we don’t go anywhere at all. We run errands in the morning if we don’t have some place to be. then afternoons and evenings are easier since we’ve been somewhere already. and the weather here is still nice enough that Ladybug can play outside for a while most days. Even if it’s only 5 minutes.

    don’t know if any of this helps. Hugs!

  4. Tara @ kidz on said:

    Just popping by through momblogs and I’m glad I did.

    I’m sorry you’re struggling through the season. We’re still recuperating from a week-long battle with the stomach flu, and that alone has just about gotten me into bah-humbug mode. But I’m fighting it and determined to find some jolliness! Best wishes to you!

  5. You have to do what is best for your family. If Hailey needs more time for her immune system to develop and gain strength- then don’t worry about the playgroups. I’m sorry you are feeling so down- but I am keeping you company in that moody blue feeling. I keep thinking that winter hasn’t even really started and I already feel cold, down, and ready for summer.

  6. Awww, I totally understand how you feel. And actually, I don’t think think that not going to play groups is NOT exposing her to germs. Germs are everywhere…the grocery store, the park, you name it. And really…what would Hailey enjoy more, going to the playgroups and being sick all the time, or not going to the playgroups and not being sick? :) You know what’s best and don’t feel bad for having to make decisions like this!!

  7. Andrea (Lifesong) on said:

    First of all, my friend — you are not FAILING at the winter activity menu challenge. The first 2 weeks when Hailey was sick so much…well, ‘nuf said. Then these last 2 weeks sounds like you were really busy — with your family, and then getting things un-decorated and re-decorated.

    The point of the challenge isn’t to beat ourselves up if we don’t stick to it — but rather it’s just supposed to be there for us if we need inspiration. It’s not supposed to be something that we chain ourselves to and do out of guilt.

    And honestly…this type of thing doesn’t work for everybody. If it’s not working for you — PLEASE don’t feel like you need to continue doing it and posting about it. It’s meant to help people through the winter, not cause more grief or stress. Okay??

    And SECONDLY (yes, that was a long ‘first’)…YOU are Hailey’s mother and YOU know what’s best for her and what you are comfortable with. People can give you all the advice they want, but what it comes down to is what YOU want to do.

    Got it?

    Love ya!

  8. Fantacy on said:

    Hey girl first off ((((HUGS)))), 2ndly I know I was one who told you about what our doc told us about germs and such. I pray that you did not take that to mean that is what you should do no matter what :( …I simply meant that if you and Hailey wanted to go and you felt comfortable with it then I would go. Any time I (or anyone else) gives advice, it is just that, our point of view and you should NEVER feel guilty or depressed about following it! You know yourself and darling lil miss hailey better than any of us do and mommy instincts are strong, go with them! I hope that nothing I said has made you feel bad :( .
    As for the winter blues, I never get them….until this year. I think it is the economy, the weather, the state of the world in general. Try doing something for just you ;) you are always giving to us, being mommy, and working to keep everyone else happy, try it for yourself (even if it is just a warm bath or something whilst hailey is taking a nap…Those dishes and that laundry can be taken care of later
    I will keep praying for you girl.

  9. Ahhh, I can’t stand it when people say you should expose your kids to germs. My brother in law once treated me as if I were insane because when other kids were known to be sick, or even if they had runny noses….I would not let mine play…or get paranoid.

    That came from a couple years of what you’re going through (listening to wheezing…etc) and not to mention copays like crazy!

    So my advice is DON’T. Listen…you are unknowingly exposing yourself and your child everyday just by going to the store, going to school, etc. If you know someone is sick or even has a cold, stay away! Why put yourself through it or your child? That’s insane.

    I’ve got two with mild asthma. It’s not fun to watch them suffer (although as they are now older and their lungs are bigger, it’s not an issue hardly at all)but when they’re little? Nope.

    And I HATE when people bring their kids over or to school…sick. How dumb. I even got to the point where before a playdate I’d ask….is anyone sick? Colds? People thought I was insane, but I was just trying to keep myself SANE. Good luck.

  10. Hey MEl,
    Quit beating yourself up. I wouldn’t expose HAiley to anything that makes you feel weird (aka germs). God gave you a Mother’s sense follow it and everyone else HUSH!!!
    Do you have any kids that you are friends with their Mom that could come over to your house or maybe meet and walk at the mall of something where ther aren’t 15 snotty nose kids drooling on HaileyBug. Believe me I know the house can be very confining, and all good laid plans go down the toilet when the babies are sick. Don’t worry there is plenty of time to make memories and taking care of your baby when she is sick makes memories BELIEVE me. You are a great Mom keep your chin up and start looking for Christmas activities to do. ie take Hailey’s foot and cover it in brown paint and have her step on a piece of paper, then take her hands and cover them in red paint and give her foot antlers instant reindeer. Glue on eyes nose ect.. have fun.

  11. You don’t need to apologize! You are a wonderful mother and I’m sorry you’re experiencing the lonely depressed feelings. I hope things look up soon. :)

  12. Rochelle on said:

    Hi girl, I haven’t been keeping up with the blog stuff too much at all, but I just dropped by here today & read your post. Blecch! I know how bad the winter blues can be…I’m sorry you’re feeling down. I think you’re right to take a little break from exposing Hailey to too many more germs right now w/ the breathing problems. Hang in there! There are better days right around the corner!! :)

  13. I am so sorry…. I understand how you feel.. I have bad asthma and can relate to the troubles and difficulty with breathing.. then pair that with your little one it most be soo hard…. Hang in there…..I hope it gets better soon!

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