My Little Turkey

See my little turkey? Isn’t she cute?

This is a cute turkey costume that my mom made for Hailey. She made them for her kindergarteners at school and made an extra one for Hailey. And as you can see, Hailey loved it!

And I am sorry to say that that is the only picture I have to share from our Thanksgiving fun. We had a blast but I just didn’t take a whole lot of pictures. I know what you’re thinking- what kind of blogger doesn’t take at least a few pictures? A bad one!

Anyhoo- we had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my parents house- my mom made a delicious meal. And we all ate until we couldn’t move. Then we rested for a little while and then ate some more. And that is what we did all weekend long.

We spent some time during the weekend shopping (in between meals) and I got a little bit done. Hailey was so good and very cooperative during our shopping trips. Having “Gramma” and “Pa” there helped a lot because she is so much more cooperative for them than she is for me. One night at the mall Hailey visited Santa twice (there weren’t any other kids around). She still wouldn’t sit on his lap but she did give him a hug, so she’s getting a little closer. The second time she visited him he sang “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” to her and it was so cute. Santa had an amazing voice and Hailey just watched him and listened to him. And can you believe I didn’t have my camera to get a picture? Bad mommy, I know.

We got home yesterday and I’m still hiding from my scale and the bad news I know it will be bringing.  

How was your Thanksgiving?


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7 comments on “My Little Turkey

  1. jayedee on said:

    oh my gosh! look at that face! what a gorgeous child!

  2. Stephanie on said:

    She is so cute!!

  3. Love the look on her face!
    And if your scale is going to look anything like mine…..throw it out of the window! :(

  4. rachel on said:

    Hailey is cute no matter what she wears but that is a great costume. Your mom is pretty crafty.

  5. Fantacy on said:

    Too too too cute! and don’t feel bad, I didn’t take ONE picture this Thanksgiving!!! I know you have seen my blog (esp my last post with the fall pics) I take hundreds of pics some months for no apparent reason, yet something big like Thanksgiving? Nope, not ONE this year! I was kinda disappointed in myself, but then I remembered “I am not the only one with a camera, no reason for me to always be the one to have to take all the pics every holiday ;) ”…Hailey is such a cutie pa tootie! ;)

  6. Aww, she’s adorable! :)

  7. Shalini on said:

    I love her costume and Hailey is her usual adorable self :)

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