Hailey’s Birthday Pictures

In case you haven’t read my last few posts, Hailey’s 2nd birthday was last week.  We went out of town to celebrate with our families since most of them live in the same town.  We just had a small family party to celebrate her birthday at a nearby park.  Here are some pictures from Hailey’s party.

Hailey with her Tinkerbell cake (cupcakes).

Blowing out her candle.

Playing on the playground.

Brooke and Hailey

Hailey with her cousins David and Dayna

David, Hailey, Brooke, Dayna and Joel

Hailey loves going on the slides.

Taking a little break.

Hailey loves the moon and she found that it was already out while we were at the park.  She had to point it out for everyone to see.

Hailey on her actual birthday, blowing out her candle again.

Hailey clapping as we sang Happy Birthday to her.

Once we got home Hailey had to open her presents from us.  Here she is standing next to one of her presents, some alphabet blocks.

Hailey had a wonderful 2nd birthday!  Thank you to everyone who was a part of her celebrations!


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17 comments on “Hailey’s Birthday Pictures

  1. FickleMinded on said:

    OMG!!she’s so adorably sweet!!!!!!

  2. Simone on said:

    Absolutely love the cake.

    Looks like you had lots of fun – thank goodness it was sunny.

  3. That’s a pretty neat cake! Looks like she had a great time!

  4. Tiffany on said:

    How fun and what a very cute cake!

  5. Tammy Warren on said:

    Hey…what great pictures. I wish I could roll back my teen to 2! That was such a wonderful time. Enjoy them. I use to always hear people say that to me and now I sit and wonder where time went. You can tell she was totally into the moment. It is great that you have such a huge family network. My extended family is scattered everywhere and we don’t get a great deal of together time.

  6. Ashley on said:

    It looks like the perfect day. She is so cute.

  7. Danielle on said:

    Her cake is beautiful! I love those vlocks. I am getting for E for x-mas.

  8. Great pics as usual! I’m glad she had a fun time with everyone. That cake is too cute! Maybe I will do tinkerbell for Ashlyn this year- we have pretty much used up the princess kits available already. A birthday party at the playground is a fun idea.

  9. awesome pics and awesome cupcake cake… I love it!!!

  10. regina on said:

    great pictures! I can’t believe how big she has gotten!

  11. Andrea (Lifesong) on said:

    Seriously — can NOT believe how much she’s changed and grown in the last year…

  12. Andrea (Lifesong) on said:

    Seriously — I can NOT believe how much she has grown and changed in the last year…she is absolutely precious!

  13. FickleMinded on said:

    I have a ButterFly Award for you for your cool blog,you can check my site for details,thanks!

  14. JustMe on said:

    Beautiful pictures! I love the picture of her clapping above her little birthday cupcake:) Cute!

  15. Mariana on said:

    Great photos! It looks like Hailey had a wonderful birthday. The cupcakes were so pretty.

  16. Stephanie on said:

    I love the cupcake/cake idea. She definitely is a cutie. So glad it went so well.

  17. Happy Belated Birthday!!! I love the cupcake/cake! So pretty. Hope she had a great day!

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