Fun, Fun, Fun

Hailey’s description of our activities last weekend was, “Fun, fun, fun!” so it seemed like a good title for my post.  Last weekend there was a fall festival at a park nearby our house.

I think the only reason we bring the stroller most of the time is just to have a place to keep all of our stuff.  When I ask Hailey if she wants to ride in the stroller she says, “No thanks.  My is a big helper.  My push it.”

We went out to eat at a restaurant that had an outdoor area we could eat at and watch the boats going by.  Hailey was so good.  She colored quietly while we waited for our food.  Then she ate her food and watched the boats.  The last time Hailey was this good while we went out to eat was… well… never.

The carousel was having free rides, so we went on several times.  Rich’s plan was for each of us to take Hailey on 10 times- getting a total of 20 free rides, and “saving” him $20.  I think we each took her twice.

The next day there were several more activities going on, so we went back.

Hailey checking out the pumpkins.

Then she got to paint her pumpkin.  I ended up with a big green stripe of paint down the side of my face and in my hair, but it was fun anyways.

Posing with the pumpkins.

The carousel rides were still free and since we are a fan of free- we rode several more times.

Hailey and I walking and talking.

Looking at the lake.

We went on a hay ride while we were there too.  Afterwards Hailey wanted to see the horses.

Taking a break to enjoy some music.

Hailey dancing to the music.


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9 comments on “Fun, Fun, Fun

  1. favorite mother in law on said:

    HAILEY seems to be geeting so big . EVERY ONE SEEMED TO BE HAVING FUN.

  2. Sharon on said:

    Loved the dancing picture…what style. ;)
    The water pictures look a lot like where I lived in Louisiana. Looks like ya’ll had a beautiful day and a great time. I love fall….you usually can find something fun and free to do with all the festivals going on. We have enjoyed some ourselves.

  3. Tiffany on said:

    How Fun! I love going to fall festivals. I love the picure of Hailey in all the pumpkins!

  4. now that looks like one Fun fun fun weekend.

  5. Andrea (Lifesong) on said:

    Okay — I had to LAUGH when I read Rich’s idea to ‘save’ $20….sounds like something I would do. :)

  6. Looks like it was a fun time!!!!

  7. I think Hailey is right- fun, fun, fun! I love the pic of her looking at the lake! I giggled at Rich’s idea of how to save money- I would totally say something like that!

  8. elizabeth channel on said:

    My! I love how children this age refer to themselves! She is the cutest!

  9. common mom on said:

    Looks like an AWESOME day! And what a sweetie :-) I’m missing the days of “My is a big helper.” They talk like actual real people now, and I really want the little kid talk back.

    So jealous of your lake . . . I’ll be back often to look at it :-)

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