Hailey is 2 Years Old

Hailey with Tigger at 2 years old.  (Just so you know- Hailey is holding a bottle for one of her dolls, she does not use a bottle.)

And just for fun- here is Hailey last year at one year old.

Hailey had her 2 year check up on Thursday.  When we got there I noticed a bit of toothpaste on her chin from brushing her teeth after breakfast.  So, I licked my finger and cleaned off her chin (which I swore I would never do).  Hailey responded by saying, “That’s gucky Mommy.  Don’t eat me chin.”

Hailey did very well at her appointment and was very cooperative with her doctor.  She was also very patient as I had a list of things I wanted to talk to the doctor about and Hailey waited very quietly, looking at books while I talked to the doctor.  Hailey’s doctor is also very patient with me and always sits and talks to me and answers all of my questions.  She never acts like I’m annoying her or tries to rush our appointments.  She is wonderful with Hailey and I’m thankful that we found her for Hailey’s pediatrician.

Physically- Hailey weighed 29 1/2 pounds and is 34 1/2 inches tall.  She is in the 75 percentile for both.  She didn’t have to have any immunizations this time, although we did want her to have her flu shot.  She did great for her shot and didn’t even cry.  After her shot was over Hailey said, ”It wasn’t too bad.”

Developmentally- Hailey is still doing great.  She knows her colors and shapes and almost all of her letters.  Hailey can count from 1-11 and she talks in full sentences, using 7-9 words and carries on fun little conversations.  Her pediatrician said that she is doing fabulous and is developmentally advanced.

I’ll be posting pictures from Hailey’s 2nd birthday just as soon as I have some time to upload some more pictures.  Have a great weekend!


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16 comments on “Hailey is 2 Years Old

  1. Colleen - Mommy Always Wins on said:

    Aw…she’s so cute! Happy birthday to your baby!

  2. She gets more and more adorable by the day!

  3. She is gorgeous! Wow- she can do a lot of things! Riley will be 2 in 6 months and he is NO where near her in language development. Heck, he still barely talks.

    So glad she was good for you! That makes it much less stressful.

  4. She is a beautiful little girl. Happy Birthday Hailey!

  5. Ashley on said:

    WOW! She really is growing up fast. What a beautiful smile.

  6. Danielle on said:

    She is adorable! happy 2 years. It sounds like she is doing fantastic!

  7. JustMe on said:

    She’s a cutie:) Happy Birthday Hailey!
    Love the picture with Tigger!

  8. favorite mother in law on said:


  9. Tiffany on said:

    She sounds like she was a brave little girl at the doctors appointment!

  10. stephanie on said:

    Happy Birthday! Check out the difference between those two pictures. I hope you guys have a great weekend.

  11. Happy Birthday to Hailey! She looks so cute!! I am glad she is doing so good! Hugs, Grams

  12. rachel on said:

    Happy 2 Years MIss Hailey. You are adorable and you are lucky cause your momma adores you too.

  13. elizabeth channel on said:

    So sweet! What a blessing!

  14. she really is such a beautiful child!!!

  15. Wow! I think she’s outgrown Tigger! Very cute though!!

  16. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    Aww, sounds like she’s doing great! And she’s bigger than Tigger is now – wow! :)

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