Good News

The test results from Hailey’s blood work are back and everything was fine.  There are no infections and her white blood cell count is normal.  Thank you everyone for your comments, emails and mostly your prayers.

The knot that’s been in my stomach since I first found the swollen lymph nodes back it March?  It’s gone.


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22 comments on “Good News

  1. Heidi on said:

    Thank goodness. So happy for you, what a relief.

  2. Shelly on said:

    Glad to hear everything turned out fine with Hailey!

  3. Comedy Plus on said:

    Wonderful news honey. I’m so happy for all of you. Have a great day. :)

  4. Tiffany on said:

    I am so glad the blood work came back okay for Hailey! That is an answer to prayer.

  5. I don’t know why but your new posts wren’t coming up on my google reader.. grrrr… but i figured it out… Sorry I haven’t been by… I thought you were taking a break by not posting… Silly me…

  6. PS – I’m happy to hear Hailey is great!!

  7. rachel on said:

    Melanie that is so wonderful to hear. It must have made you so scared and nervous. Or it would have made me feel that way :)

  8. I’m so glad that it all turned out well!

  9. Kellan on said:

    Oh, that is good news! I’m so glad!

    Take care – Kellan

  10. MamaGeek on said:

    Oh Melanie. I am so so so so SO happy for you.

    That is terrific news my friend.

    Deep exhale, huh?

  11. Lifesong on said:

    Good for you for keeping on asking the doctor about it, even though she kept telling you nothing was wrong. It sounds like you have a wonderful doctor for going that extra mile to make sure you feel comfortable about your daughter’s health. I would’ve been worried sick too, but I’m SO thrilled that everything is normal!!

  12. Sharon on said:

    AMEN girl! For both things!
    I know that was rough…but you made it through.
    He is the God who loves us….tenderly.

  13. Memoirs of a Mommy on said:

    I’m so glad she is healthy. It’s such a horrible thing to have to worry about your kids health.

  14. Spice on said:

    Yay! Thank goodness! I’m so glad she’s okay!

  15. common mom on said:

    WOO HOO! Excellent news! It was so totally worth it for your peace of mind :-) I’m so glad she’s fine!

  16. So happy to hear all is well! So glad you had it checked out! Love, Grams

  17. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    Yay – congratulations on the good news! What a relief! :)

  18. Heather on said:

    Yay! Wonderful news!

  19. That is just the best news ever Mel.

  20. regina on said:

    I know you’re glad that’s over!
    Blessings to you & the crew!

  21. Oh, I’m so glad to hear the wonderful news! I’ve been wanting to read your blog and couldn’t get it to load that last few days! :(

  22. JMBMOMMY on said:

    So glad everything was fine!!!!

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