An Almost Perfect Picnic

A few weeks ago I posted about A Little Weekend Fun and told you about how Wendy’s messed up our food for our picnic.  Well, Wendy’s gave us a gift card to make up for our bad experience.  So, we decided to re-do the entire evening.

We stopped at Wendys picked up our food (checked it before we left) and headed off to the park.  We ate our food, that was made correctly by the way.  Hailey didn’t eat much because she was much too worried about feeding her nuggets and fries to the birds and squirrels. 

Afterwards Hailey wanted to ride the carousel which she did without throwing a tantrum afterwards.  Then we fed the ducks and headed over to the toddler playground.

Hailey loves the swings and never wants to get off.  She doesn’t really look like she is loving it…

…but when Rich asked her if she was ready to get off-  this is her saying “Nooooooo”

Hailey loves going on the slides too.

Things seemed to be going perfectly- our food was right, Hailey was being good… then it happened- a bird flew over me and pooped right on my head.  Yup- you read that right.  The funny thing is that I had a dream a few nights before where that actually happened.  I think I need to plan my dreams a little better if they are going to be coming true.

So our evening was cut a little short since we went home so I could shower and wash my hair 2 or 3 or 15 times.


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21 comments on “An Almost Perfect Picnic

  1. OMG! I actually have that fear when we are at the beach or places like that. Now I will have to add the playground to the list!

  2. Oh ew, bird poop! I had that happen to me once out at St. Petersburg on the pier – the bird got me right on the ear! Ick!
    We’ve had Wendy’s mess up our order quite a few times. Yet we keep going back. :) (I love the baconator!)
    I love that 2nd picture btw!

  3. Ashley on said:

    I absolutely love the “NO” picture.

  4. Kellan on said:

    She’s so CUTE – I love her experssion in the second photo – darling!

    Take care – Kellan

  5. Comedy Plus on said:

    Ewwwwwwwwwwww. I hate it when birds poop on me. Thank goodness it doesn’t happen very often. Hailey is a little doll by the way. Have a great day. :)

  6. Hi Mel… I’m back online.. YEAH!!!!!!!!
    been missing you.. WOW look at Hailey.. she is so pretty and getting so big.. My kids LOVED the swing at that age also.. Sweet Pea could have stayed on one all day long.

  7. rachel on said:

    I love your story. Too damn funny and I am so happy that you checked your food before leaving. I hate when they make my good wrong.

    Max loves the swing too. I love the pictures of Hailey. She is too damn cute.

  8. Ha ha ha ha!!!! I laughing hard. Sorry, it is at your expense. hehehehe. OK, I am over it. So sorry that happened to you, I don’t think they make cards for birds pooping on your head, but if they did, I would totally send one to you. Glad the night (minus the poop thing) went better.

  9. LOL! I can’t believe you got pooped on! That’s awfully gross! Oh and I LOVE the picture of Hailey saying NOOOOO. PRICELESS!

  10. yuck!!! I hate that – it happened to me once. and it happened to Brian when we were in Disney World!!

  11. Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama on said:

    You SO have to get that picture of her saying “No!” framed! That is too priceless!

  12. Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama on said:

    You SO have to get that picture of her saying “No!” framed! That is too priceless!

  13. Andrea on said:

    haha…I’m sorry, I can’t help but laugh! :) I’ve never had a bird poop on me, but I did have one poop on my CLEAN laundry that I was hanging out to dry just the other week!

  14. MamaGeek on said:

    Now THAT’s how a picnic SHOULD be. I can’t believe they screwed up like that and I’m glad they made good on the situation.

    She just gets CUTER each post.

  15. Oh my gosh…that second picture is precious!

  16. Simone on said:

    Love the middle photo.

  17. DeeLight on said:

    Pooped on your head!! Oh wow, that would bring a perfect picnic to an end. I’m glad you had fun up to that point. Your little one is such a cutie.

  18. Karen (Pediascribe) on said:

    Wow, that gives new meaning to “Rinse and Repeat!”

    I’m here b/c of Thea. She said your dd’s picture was adorable and she’s right. That expression cannot be described!

  19. Lifesong on said:

    First of all — that picture of her saying “no”…priceless!!

    Secondly — the thought of you getting pooped on by a bird…sorry to say, that’s also priceless! :) Please don’t be mad at me.

  20. Oh my word! that bird was probably one of ones that Hailey was feeding!

  21. mama meji on said:

    A bird had pooped on you? Oh dear. :-) But okay, I’m sorry I know it’s far from being funny for you.

    But H sure had a fun time, I believe.

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