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I know my posting lately has not been like it usually is.  I’ve been busy and not having much time to use my computer lately.  If I’m not posting here- make sure you check out Our Crafts ~N~ Things to see what Hailey and I have been up to, I’ve been posting there every day.

Anyhoo- last weekend was an absolute blast.  We were able to spend the weekend at my parents house with my cousin Beka and her hubby and their daughter, and my parents of course.  When Beka and I were younger we had lots and lots of fun together.  As we’ve gotten older, married and now have our own kids it’s so hard to get together.  It seems like we only see each other during the holidays and at weddings when it’s too busy to really have time to chat.  So, when Beka had the idea that we spend a weekend together I was thrilled!

We arrived at my parents house on Friday night.  My dads job was having a family night- so he took all of us to that.

Hailey loved the bouncy fun things they had.

This is Beka’s daughter- Anika looking cute as can be while we were eating some of the yummy food.

There were some fun cars to see- and Rich wanted to pose with Herbie.

Saturday we spent most of the day hanging out at my parents house- talking and letting Hailey and Anika “play” together.  The “playing” consisted of Hailey trying to make sure she kept all of her toys away from Anika.  Since Anika is a year younger than Hailey- she is still in the stage where doesn’t really care.  But we definitely have some work to do with Hailey on learning how to share toys.

Anyhoo- Beka bought the girls adorable matching outfits and we tried to get them to cooperate and pose for a picture.

Aren’t they cute?  Now if only we could get them to smile.  (The mark on Hailey’s arm is her tattoo from Friday night)

I think they’re sharing a special cousin moment here, while enjoying their crackers and refusing to cooperate with their mothers for a picture involving smiling.

Awww- a nice little hug.

And some fun together in the pool.

It was a fun weekend seeing my parents and Beka, Bill and Anika.  We have to do it again soon!


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14 comments on “What I’ve Been Up To

  1. so glad you had a fun time! Those are great pictures! Tell Rich that I’m upset he will pose with a car but not my hubby….ha ha ha ha!

  2. Sharon on said:

    Looks like a fun weekend!
    And yes, the girls look adorable.
    How fun to be so close to your parents that you can go often for visits. Hailey will remember these times as she is growing up.

  3. Tiffany on said:

    It is so fun to spend time with family. It looks like you all had a great time. The matching outfits are adorable!

  4. I love the pic of them hugging – too sweet! Sounds like a nice time!!!

  5. regina on said:

    How cute!! I especially love the hugging picture!

  6. glad you had a great time.. looks like Hailey had fun!!

  7. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    Oh look at how cute the two of them are – especially in the matching outfits! I love the hugging photo – precious! :)

  8. Stephanie on said:

    What a great weekend! Time with family is precious and priceless. The girls are too cute matching!

  9. Pre-MedMommy on said:

    What fun!! The matching outfits are too cute!

  10. Tammy Warren on said:

    These pictures will mean the world to you one day. Well, I know they do now, but just wait. I look at my 14 year old pictures and just about cry. He grew up so fast. I do have a 8 year old so I am not totally out of the “needed and loved” position.

    Thank you for allowing me to be on your EC.

  11. Rebekah on said:

    It was a fun weekend! We loved getting together with you guys!! Maybe when I get caught up with back to work and everything else.. haha… I will get some pictures posted on my blog!!!

  12. shalini on said:

    That looks like a great weekend of get together and fun! the girls look so adorable :)

  13. Looks like you had a great time! I love their outfits! Have a great weekend!

  14. mama meji on said:

    Cute kids! I like the idea of having to wear identical clothes! I always pick up identical clothes for Matt and the hubster but the hubster isn’t so keen with all that..:-)

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