Since You’ve Been Asking

I’ve had some comments and emails asking me what has been going on with me lately.  I haven’t been posting as often and I haven’t been leaving hardly any comments at all.  So, I thought I should explain.

First of all- I have decided to make this blog mostly a personal blog.  That means that you probably won’t be seeing very many paid posts on this blog.  If an offer comes along for the right amount of money, I will do the job.  But, for the most part I will only be using this blog for fun.  So, while I used to post several times a day because of the paid posts I haven’t been doing that lately.  (I am still doing it, just primarily on Our Happy Happenings- my meme blog).  Another reason you don’t see me posting here as much is that I’m doing more posting on Our Crafts ~N~ Things.  I used to only post there maybe a couple of times a week but Hailey has really started to enjoy doing crafts and we’ve been doing them everyday.  So, I have a lot more crafts to share and have been posting there almost everyday.

As far as my commenting goes- I have started to put things into perspective.  The reason I started my blog was to keep track of what we were up to.  And to keep our family and friends up to date.  Somewhere along the line I got obsessed with trying to get a lot of comments on my blog.  And in order to get a lot of comments, you have to leave a lot of comments and it can get time consuming.  There have been nights I have stayed up well past midnight trying to catch up on commenting back to everyone who left me a comment.  And you know what?  I can’t do it anymore.

Bloggy friends have come and gone over the last year and a half that I have been blogging.  Some people that I thought I just had to visit everyday (people I don’t even know) have stopped blogging.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately- the chances that people who comment on my posts today will still be visiting my blog in a year are pretty slim.  Some of you will still be around, but for the most part it seems like people generally move on.

All of that to say this- in 10 years it won’t really matter if I read your blog or left you a comment.  What will matter is that I was there for Hailey to read her a book or to build a tower with her.  She’s the one who matters and time is going by way too fast for me to spend precious moments in front of my computer that could be spent with her.

I will still be blogging, but for the reason I started to begin with- because I want to.  And of course I still love to get comments, so please still leave me comments.  And I will still leave you comments because I enjoy reading your blogs and seeing what you and your families are up to- many of you I consider to be my friends.  But, I have already been cutting way back and I won’t be commenting everyday anymore.  If I have time while Hailey is napping or after she goes to bed I’ll be by to visit.  But, if not- I won’t- and I hope you understand.


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20 comments on “Since You’ve Been Asking

  1. I more than understand! What a great post and you wrote it perfectly! I’m so glad you are enjoying such precious time with your daughter!

    Hey, I saw your comment on my other blog! Come be a loser with me! :)

  2. good for you! You know I feel this way too and I completely understand! You said this very well!

  3. ComfyDenim on said:

    Priorities. :-) Family is more important.
    And Enjoying the blog is more important than quantity.

    Hope you enjoy the new old blog. :-)

  4. I completely understand and am in the same place. I enjoy writing and keeping track of what our family is up to. the comments are great, but other things are more important.

    Good for you for keeping your priorities in order. that can be so hard for us mommies!

  5. I completely understand and am in the same place. I enjoy writing and keeping track of what our family is up to. the comments are great, but other things are more important.

    Good for you for keeping your priorities in order. that can be so hard for us mommies!

  6. I used to feel I had to check in with everyone everyday. I began blogging for relationship and just to be able to put out there what was going on with me.
    Along the way…people moved on….sometimes it hurt. But I realized that they were not there for the same reason I was.
    So I am o.k with it now.
    Blogging is about relationship………family is about relationship…….right now you are spending time where it needs to be spent.
    Keep up the good work.Hailey and your husband are your number one priority. :)

  7. I totally understand, the time you spend with your daughter is certainly very precious . Have a lovely time with Hailey :)

  8. I’ve been feeling this way too lately. Comenting on everyone’s blogs is so time consuming and then I feel guilty for not spending time with the kids. So they come first!!!

  9. Comedy Plus on said:

    You have to do what you want to do. Good for you. Have a great day. :)

  10. I completely understand you! I have been finding myself commenting less lately and only posting a few times a week just because I want to actually enjoy life and not just be behind the computer all the time!

    Btw, I stopped by your craft site. Those crafts look like so much fun–I can’t wait to have a kid of my own someday to do crafts with!

  11. Danielle on said:

    I totally get it! I feel the same.

  12. I think you said that very well. Time with family is just so much more important. Sometimes I don’t get to somebody’s blog for a few weeks but it’s not to say I won’t be back, I always get back there eventually, but life gets in the way sometimes and you have to step back and prioritize, especially when you have children. Who wants to spend all day every day attached to a computer.

  13. One hundred percent agree with you and the comment stuff…

  14. I am so with you on what is really important. Now go hug that baby!

  15. I think there comes a time that we mommy bloggers all have to remember what is important.. I’ll still be reading in a year from now even if I only make it over here every so often.. due to living my real life :)

  16. I love reading your blogs and I think you are a GREAT mommy. Hailey is one fortunate little girl!

  17. WHATTTT??????
    what kind of mother puts her child before blogging??? Oh the shame of it all!
    I’ll always love you!

  18. Lifesong on said:

    It sounds like a lot of people are in the same boat as you — including me!!

    Family is the most important thing, and blogging should be a fun hobby – NOT an obligation.

  19. good for you!! think it’s a great idea!!!

  20. mama meji on said:

    I’ve also been cutting my bloghopping spree. When before I do it at home and in the office, now I try to do it when I’m in the office. Matt is growing up fast and I need to keep up with him more than anything else in the world. I still do paidposts but most of the time, I only do assignments in my other blogs- and have excluded Makimeji in all of it bec it’s just so hard to keep up with everything. So I do understand what you’re saying here. I echo the sentiments and the `move.

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