Strollers Are So Last Year and a Proud Mommy Moment

Last summer when I wanted to get out of the house but didn’t actually have anywhere to go I would take Hailey to the mall.  We would spend the day at the mall strolling in and out of stores all while Hailey sat happily in her stroller.

So yesterday morning I had a fabulous idea- let’s go to the mall and stroll around.  We were there for about 5 minutes when Hailey started yelling, “WALK! WALK! I WALK!”  Apparently strollers are so last year.  So I let her walk.  I thought it might result in a better nap once we got home. 

Walking through the mall with a toddler can be pretty interesting.  Hailey had to stop and smell all of the (fake) flowers that were placed every few feet.  She had to run to see Mickey Mouse at the Disney Store.  There may have been a small tantrum when she couldn’t ride on the little rides they have placed throughout the mall.  (When did they start charging a dollar for those rides?) 

Oh, and let’s not forget Hailey opening the door of the dressing room that I was getting dressed in before I had finished getting dressed.  I was quick enough to close the door before I gave the world a show, but it was a close call.  And then there was the quick peek Hailey did under the door of a different dressing room where some poor woman was trying to try on some clothes.  When does the whole shopping thing get easier?

And my naptime plan- it didn’t work- Hailey slept for about 45 minutes.

And now I just have to share this proud mommy moment with you.  This afternoon after Hailey’s nap we were playing outside with chalk and I told Hailey to write her name.  So, she wrote this:

Then she turned to me and said “H”

Just to be sure I asked her again to write her name.  This time she did it on the patio, so it’s not quite as clear but she wrote this:

and again said “H”

Now I realize that they look a bit more like an “A” but I think that is pretty good for a 20 month old.  So, I just had to share.


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18 comments on “Strollers Are So Last Year and a Proud Mommy Moment

  1. Kelsey on said:

    Aww How cute so glad she can write her name thats great!

  2. Denise on said:

    That is so sweet.

  3. Kellan on said:

    I was so tough on all of my kids when they were little – MADE them stay in the stroller until they got to be about 4 – SO I COULD SHOP and not have to worry about them. They all were good about it. I guess it came from having twins first. Way to go with her writing and saying the letter – WOW!!!

    Have a good Friday – see you – Kellan

  4. La Bellina Mammina on said:

    LP doesn’t wanna sit on his stroller anymore, so yes, I guess strollers are SOOO last year! LOL!

    So sweet of Hailey to with writing the letter… LP can only still doddle or draw a ball!!

  5. Busymama Karen on said:

    My kids have all outgrown the stroller but not being carried. Why is that? Oh no the dressing room door…I’ve experienced that before…you are not alone.

  6. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    Becca doesn’t want the stroller anymore either, but at the mall I usually don’t give her a choice (unless it’s a quick in and out kind of trip). It’s just way too hard to keep track of all 3 kids if Becca’s taking off on me.

    Awesome job on the ‘H’ – she’s doing a great job on writing it! :)

  7. Elizabeth...mommy...etc on said:

    oh, i soooo see this in my future now that Tulip is walking. :-) yowzers!

    join me over at my place for a Feel Good Friday…please? don’t make me beg…it’s embarrassing for both of us. ;-)

  8. Irish Coffeehouse on said:

    How sweet! I think she’s doing a great job writing her name too!

    Thanks for stopping by and dropping me a note! Yes, the bathing suit issue IS utterly ridiculous! I haven’t seen the toddler section yet, but I can definitely imagine what your selections were. EEK!

  9. Heather on said:

    What a smart girl! (for writing H, not for opening the dressing room door!)

  10. Amanda on said:

    Yup – Avery doesn’t like to be in the stroller at all. Sometimes he will sit proud in there, but most the time not – and don’t even think about stopping for a minute!!! Now that I have the 2 little ones – my sister bought us a double stroller and oh my gosh, it’s like pulling out an Expidition out of your trunk – that sucker is HUGE!!!
    And that is very good about the little one writing – I think that is sweet! At least Avery has finally figured out his name (which I hear from him a good bit) – and he sees himself in the mirror and pictures and says ‘avry’…cute!!!

  11. Kya just wants to walk walk walk too! Even at the grocery store! As for the writing letters, I think it’s fabulous! Shows me what a slacker mom I am as my daughter couldn’t do that and she’s older! I’m off to teach her the letters of the alphabet and how to draw them!

  12. rachel on said:

    She is a little smarty pants.

    I wish Max thought stroller were last year and would walk more. I try and make it a game but it never seems to work too well. Maybe it will get better as he gets older.

  13. dana on said:

    YAY Hailey… she did an awesome job with her H…

  14. Dette on said:

    OMG – that’s incredible! Go Hailey!!

  15. Kenyatta on said:

    I have two boys, 20 months and 3 years. I don’t even go out alone with them! The mall is torture with the whole family there to help! You were brave to go it alone! I love your blog and thanks for stopping by mine. Please visit again. I’ll defintely be back here!

  16. Nicki on said:

    I know what you mean! Pufferfish is only 12 months old but already she can’t stand to be in the stroller for very long! When exciting thigns are happening all around her, she wants to be in the middle of it all! I take them to the mall for the playplace a lot, often on rainy days, but I never get to shop. We tend to just make a day of the playplaces, the food court and the fountains! (And sometimes the toy store…)

  17. Natalie on said:

    You’re daring, I so didn’t dare take my daughter out alone when she was that age. And now that I have two I just never go out. LOL!

    I wanted to let you know I’ve given you an award! :)

  18. Spice on said:

    That’s an awesome H!!!! :)

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