She Looks Just Like You

At least that is what people always say about Hailey.  I am constantly hearing that Hailey looks exactly like me.  So, when I saw this Look-alike Meter on Tammi’s blog and then again on Andrea’s blog I had to give it a try.

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So, apparently Hailey looks equally like me and Rich. 

Then, for fun I decided to try it out using Brooke’s picture.  While Brooke is my step-daughter we have always been told that we look alike.  Usually people think we’re sisters.  So, anyways, I decided to try it out with her picture. 

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And I got the same results- she looks equally like me and Rich.

Anyhoo- I know it’s not anything scientific- but it was fun to try it out. 

Livin’ With Me!


Livin' With Me!

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8 comments on “She Looks Just Like You

  1. forgetfulone on said:

    I’m gonna have to try this out! Kinda funny to get the same results with both kids, and one a step-daughter. I wonder if it will say that about my step-daughters?!

  2. Such fun, you are such a lovely family.

  3. So fun! I think Hailey does look more like you! She’s a little cutie, as is Brooke (as are you and your hubbie btw)! I started doing this test and since I have 4 kids, it was taking way too long – I just dropped it and didn’t finish it, but I still want to do it. People always tell me that all my kids look just like me, so it would be interesting to see what this test would say.

    Have a good Tuesday Melanie – see you later. Kellan

  4. Oh my-how fun. I will have to try this with Max and our pug Esther. LOL

    You find the most interesting stuff for your blog. I love it!

  5. I think that is the first time I have seen a close up front picture of you. You remind me of a certain actress-can’t think of her name. Now that will drive me crazy.I’m sure I will be back with the answer later. :)

  6. That is fun! I am too lazy to crop pictures for that up close image- but anywho! I just realized that this picture up there is only the third picture of you I have seen. Your profile picture, one from your Disney trip and that one. Then I realized, I better figure out exactly what you look like so when we meet I know who to look for! How odd and wonderful that I can care about someone so much that I don’t ever really know what you look like! But who cares – I love you just the same!!

  7. I did this a few months back and all the kids looked more like me except Mr man who was right in the middle.

  8. WOW! How neat that you look so much like Brooke! And I’m with Pam, I’ve hardly seen pictures of you. It’s neat to be reminded of what you actually look like!!

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