Wordless Wednesday #38

Livin’ With Me

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Livin’ With Me!


Livin' With Me!

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40 comments on “Wordless Wednesday #38

  1. ellen b on said:

    Ha! That is funny and sad all in one…
    I don’t want to go there…

  2. Photographic Memories on said:

    That’s a good one…thanks for the laugh.

  3. Burgh Baby's Mom on said:

    The didn’t say I couldn “BE” fun, though, and that’s all that matters.

  4. SandyCarlson on said:

    The sign maker didn’t know how much fun we would have with this gem!

  5. Comedy Plus on said:

    Bwahahahaha, well I don’t want to go there then. Bwahahahahaha. Thanks for the laugh and have a great WW. :)

  6. ValleyGirl on said:

    Hmmmmm, so not the place I want to vacation then, eh?

  7. Denise on said:

    Not going there anytime soon, lol

  8. jennifer on said:

    What an interesting sign. I wonder where that sign is posted.
    Very funny!!

  9. And Miles To Go.... on said:

    now that is fun–I’m sure that is a sign that got lost in translation somewhere :)

  10. ha! funny stuff!

  11. poor man's nicole richie on said:

    okay, should I laugh or not?

  12. Andrea on said:

    Wow — are they ever strict!! :)

  13. Lol, I think I will make a copy for my hubby, he seems to think like that! Happy WW!

  14. Sharon on said:

    I think I have been wearing that sign lately. That is going to change next week with vacation. YEAH!!!!

  15. Well, arent they a bunch of spoil sports???lol…Happy WW.

  16. Andrea on said:

    haha…I don’t think I’d last too long if I wasn’t allowed to have fun though! ;)

  17. I think I’ve been places where that sign should have been posted. HA!!

  18. MamaGeek on said:

    OH THAT STINKS! How funny Melanie!

  19. Oh that’s funny. You always have a good one!

    Come by and see mine — more of a statement, actually. I’m about to get a makeover and change my name. Tho’t I’d let you know. Happy WW :)

  20. Shabem on said:

    Oh that’s not cool lol. Not for me.
    Really funny sign!
    Happy WW!

  21. Write From Karen on said:

    LOLOL! I’m so going to file that away for future reference. Hilarious!

  22. shannon on said:

    Lost in translation…really lost. Thanks for the chuckle! Happy WW!

  23. Funny! Amazing how translations don’t really say what they mean!

  24. HolleeAnn on said:

    oh way too funny! thanks for sharing this one. happy WW

  25. JennieBoo on said:

    Oh, well….

    There goes all of MY plans!

    Cute WW!

  26. Good One…Reminds me of a few dull and boring people I knew.

  27. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    LOL, too funny! Happy WW :)

  28. zamejias on said:

    I wouldn’t want to see that anywhere! Heheh.

    Happy WW. Regards to H.


  29. That’s no fun at all! Wherever that is, I definitely don’t want to be there.

  30. Gabriel on said:

    My kids would say that the sign belongs to me… :-)

    My post: Clowns in stripes

    Happy WW!

  31. Jientje on said:

    Oh dear!!!

  32. Melody from ~Pennies In My Pocket~ on said:

    I think that was posted in my biology class in high school!

    Too funny!


  33. regina on said:

    Very interesting sign, I wonder if it’;s posted at a school?

  34. Kellan on said:

    I need that sign to put in my house for when my kids are supposed to be doing their homework or chores – HA. Cute picture. See you soon Melanie. Kellan

  35. Tatapilla on said:

    i hope this sign is not on the street :)

    mine is up too. :)

  36. Wow that’s perfect joke and very interesting…Thanks for sharing……Happy WW….Mine is up too:
    My Digital Snapshot
    Let’s Laugh Together

  37. So what were they trying to say I wonder? It reminds me of the sign we saw when entering the office of civil affairs in China which read, “Welcome You.” Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing.

    I invite you to see my WW post for this week.

  38. very funny sign board

  39. ComfyDenim on said:

    I think I’ve been there.

  40. La Bellina Mammina on said:

    LOL! I bet they translated it into English literally!

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