You Know What’s Cute, Funny and/or Embarrassing

All of the following are things that Hailey has done recently that (in my opinion) are either cute, funny, or possibly a bit embarrassing (to me).  Some may fall into all three categories depending on your perspective.

When someone asks Hailey where her belly button is, she lifts up her shirt to show them.  And then- she lifts up my shirt to show them my belly button too.  I’m a little bit faster than Hailey, so she has yet to be successful in her attempts to show the world my belly button- but oh how she tries.

When I use the bathroom, and of course I have an audience of one every single time, Hailey waits for the…. ahem…. tinkling noise to stop and then announces, “All done.”  Now this is okay at home, but if we were to happen to be in a public bathroom at the time…..

When in church Hailey waits until it is nice and quiet and then calls out, “What’s that?” or “See it!” And, I will remind you in case you have forgotten, that when Hailey asks “What’s that?” or says “See it!” it sounds very similar to a four letter word that starts with an S. 

Also in church, when the congregation finishes a song, or the person singing the special song that week finishes and the room is quiet, Hailey announces, “All done.”  You know, just in case anyone wasn’t aware that we were all done.

Once again in church, if something funny is said, Hailey laughs loud and long.  And she continues to laugh long after everyone else has finished laughing.

When we eat, Hailey insists that we pray first.  She folds her hands and waits for me to pray.  Then she says “Men.” (Amen)  She eats about two or maybe three bites of food and then we must pray again.  It takes Hailey forever to eat anyways- and now that we have to pray after every couple of bites of food meal times are quite long.

That’s all for now, but I’m sure there will be more to come. 

Now, remember to save your memes for Monday and I will have Mr. Linky up for our first ever Meme Monday.  It’s bound to be exciting, or possibly not.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Livin’ With Me!


Livin' With Me!

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25 comments on “You Know What’s Cute, Funny and/or Embarrassing

  1. jjenlo on said:

    When Caroline was little one time we were in the bathroom at JC Penny and the lady in the next stall passed gas. Caroline loudly announced “Uh-Oh, Farted!” I waited until the woman was long gone before we came out!

  2. Heather on said:

    These are great!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Denise on said:

    These are so funny, made me smile.

  4. I love the things kids say and do! It is all part of the fun and before you know it….she will be almost 4!

  5. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, that is so sweet, maybe a little embarrassing but still very cute. When Hailey hits here teen years and barely wants to tall you anything think back on these days!!

  6. I just love what kids do and say!! Those were great!

  7. I had a really good laugh reading this! With having raised 2 children and being around so much with my 10 grandchildren, I have seen and heard these things before! Aren’t kids soooo delightful ! I love ‘em so!
    hugs, bj

  8. jennifer on said:

    You never know what is going to come out a little ones mouth. Those are all so cute. I have to hold my breath every time we go in a public restroom too because I never know what my 2 year old is going to say.

  9. hee hee!! Tate hasn’t started talking THAT much yet…but Jonathan taught him to say HOT MOM!!! –to me! So now I’m thinking he’s going to be calling me that in public too! haha…kinda funny, but embarrassing a little at the same time! And I just have to tell you that the “see it” one that Hailey does is TOO funny – but I know I would be thoroughly embarrassed if Tate did that in church and it sounded like another 4 letter S word!!

  10. Awww…What a sweet child. I love reading your post. Thanks for sharing your baby girl’s experiences with us. She sounds like such a happy girl. I will try and check out your meme for Monday. Thanks – God Bless!

  11. Thanks for sharing the fun Melanie. Hailey is so cute ;) By the way, thank you so much re your advice on PPP, I actually registered just one blog with them and saved the other, afraid goog might slap my pr, hehe. Take care.

  12. Freelance Cynic on said:

    I thoroughly expected any article with that kind of title to be hidiously cute. But that was just really sweet. Give her an extra special hug for being such a charm.

  13. I have the Excellent blog award for you and please take the one I gave every one the You Make My Day award!! I got behind on these too and oh boy it it hard when you do!!!! You were right!! Love Grams

  14. Rhonda on said:

    She sounds adorable!

    I got so many memes, they were overlapping, so I’ve had to post some. Speaking of which, stop by ’cause I tagged you again! Here it is: Big Bang World Record.

    Hope you’re having a nice weekend.

  15. Princess on said:

    How cute! She sounds adorable. God has blessed you!!

  16. She is adorable…enjoy these days…they pass far too quickly!

  17. Thanks for praying for me and our baby. I am asking everyone who is praying for me and our baby to post a comment on my blog telling what state (or country if you don’t live in the U.S.) you live in. I want to compile a list of all the people everywhere that have been praying to put in the baby book and my journal for a keepsake showing just how much our baby girl and myself have been covered in prayer. Here is the link to the particular post that I explain it all:

    I would love for you to stop by and leave a comment if you feel comfortable in doing so.

    Once again, I thank you so much for your prayers!

  18. Hailey is just too cute :) I had to giggle at all of them. I think it is cute when kits speak up in church :)

    Have a blessed Sunday.

  19. zamejias on said:

    I can relate to the “done” after the last note from the choir. Matt used to do the same thing in church. And the belly button too (and my bumpers!).

  20. You have been tagged~



  21. Hi Melanie! I have 2 awards for you at
    Hope you like them. Cheers!

  22. Sharon on said:

    That is very cute!
    I can oh so remember the bathroom conversations with Julia. And wanting to stay in the stall till everyone who had heard her was gone.;)
    Is Hailey saying something about the food in the fact that she feels she has to pray for it every few bites? I couldn’t pass that one up. :)
    I don’t know about the MEME Monday_I’ll go back and read. I must have missed something.
    Wait I think I remember something LIFESONG said. But I did not know we were linking.But I do have a MEME to catch up on.
    I guess I shall have to do it and see you tomorrow.;)

  23. my4kids on said:

    Hailey is to adorable! I love your stories of things she does like that. They make me laugh and remember things my kids did/do. Madison for some reason was really into big trucks when she was about 18 mos and on for awhile and everytime she saw one should would yell out TRUCK uhm except take away the tr and insert f….

  24. poor man's nicole richie on said:

    what an adorable sweetheart.
    we have a tv commercial where the child always prays for every single event that she witnesses. it turned out that their family loves to pray especially at meal time.

  25. Hailey sounds like so much fun! I’m anticipating a little character in my one year old. She’s a nut already!

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