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The Little Man Cub

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The story of Hunter actually begins in September 2010.  I had my regular yearly checkup and decided to talk to the doctor about wanting to have another baby.  She told me that we wouldn’t be able to have anymore kids unless I went through infertility treatments.  I left the appointment feeling pretty sad because we knew we wanted another baby and I was afraid it would never happen.  I just wasn’t sure if I could ever go through the infertility treatments again.

Fast forward to April 2011… and no infertility treatments… after 4 positive pregnancy tests I finally believed it was true- I was pregnant!

Most of my pregnancy was pretty normal… I was very nauseous for the first trimester and everything made me gag.  I used to dread brushing my teeth because I knew it would start the gagging.  I never did throw up, I just felt awful.

The second trimester was great, as second trimesters tend to be.  We even went to Disney World for 10 days and other than being super hot and having sore feet it was a wonderful trip.

Hailey and me (24 weeks pregnant) at Epcot.  Hunter’s first trip to Disney!

Once the third trimester hit I was pretty exhausted!  It was definitely a much harder 3rd trimester than I had with Hailey.  I was trying to get everything done for Christmas before Hunter arrived so I was probably doing too much, but I was so exhausted!  Two days before Thanksgiving I started having a horrible pain on my right side.  It was probably the worst pain I have ever had and I could hardly even get off the couch.  I had also had slight twinges there before and had asked the nurse about it at my last appointment.  She had told me it was probably just ligaments being stretched and not to worry about it.  So I figured that’s what it was again.  On Thanksgiving the pain was much less and just felt sore.  It continued to feel sore but never as extreme as it had been for those 2 days before Thanksgiving.

The week after Thanksgiving I had an appointment and my blood pressure was a bit high.  Not super high, but considering mine is usually pretty low the doctor was concerned.  I also mentioned to him the bad pain I had been having and I was also extremely swollen.  He sent me for a non-stress test and everything looked fine.  My blood pressure was normal while I was laying down and Hunter was moving around a lot.  They put me on modified bed rest- told me no shopping, no doing a lot of walking around, and no heavy housework- but to just stay home and take it easy.  I did my best to do that…

That same week on Thursday night (December 1st) Hailey was in a parade with her dance group.  I couldn’t miss her being in the parade so of course I had to go.  Rich walked with her so that I didn’t have to do all the walking.  I waited with my parents to see her go by.  After she went by I took a step to take a picture of her and I tripped over a road block barrier thingee… the trip happened in slow motion but I couldn’t stop it from happening.  My hands and knees broke my fall, but I landed on my stomach.  Once we got in the car to head home I called the doctor and was told to go to the hospital to get checked out.  My parents stayed with Hailey so Rich could go with me.  They did a bunch of blood work and found that there were fetal cells mixed in with my blood, which meant something had probably happened with the placenta.  That could be fatal to me and the baby, so they kept me in the hospital.  In the morning they did an ultrasound and couldn’t see any bleeding or damage.  The levels of the fetal cells mixed in my blood were very low, so they said it was probably just a small abrasion.  But they wanted me to stay for 24 hours just to be sure everything was okay.  They released me that night with strict instructions to do nothing but a lot of resting.