The Cutest Snowball Ever

Hailey’s dance group was part of a parade this week.  The theme was “Let it Snow” and she had to dress up as something related to the theme.  My very talented mom made her a snowball costume!

Hailey and Aveena (who also needed a costume) all dressed up as snowballs.

The snowball posing in front of their float.

The cutest snowball ever!


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One comment on “The Cutest Snowball Ever

  1. Common mom on said:

    I LOVE the snowball costume! I may even steal it for a Halloween costume next year :-) And your little man – while I think it’s creepy we have the technology to see our babies while they’re still living like little fishes, how awesome to see your baby while he’s still living like a little fish! So excited for you and the family :-) Best wishes for an awesome holiday!

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