Disney Trip 2014- Day 1

Time for our yearly trip to Disney World!  This year we decided to go in May since I am due to have a baby at the time we usually go (late August).  We have never been before during May so we were really excited to try going at a new time.

The night before we were set to leave we drove to the airport we were leaving from.  It was several hours away and we were not familiar with the area, so we decided to stay at a hotel the night before.  The great part was our hotel stay included parking for our whole trip to Disney World, so we could leave our car there while we were gone and not have to worry about parking at the airport.

Livin With Me

The next morning we got all ready to leave for the airport to go to Disney World!  Hailey and Hunter were both so excited!

Livin With Me

On the airplane… headed to our favorite place.

Livin With Me

Finally at the Orlando airport!  We always stop here for a picture.

Livin With Me

We arrived at the Wilderness Lodge- I love the lobby!!

Livin With Me

Amazing fireplace in the lobby


We checked out our room


I loved the shower- so cute!


The view from our balcony


Another view from our balcony

It was dinner time at this point, so we went down and ate dinner at the food court- The Roaring Fork.  We were so close to the food court- it was perfect!!  We had to walk a few steps down the hall to the elevator and then a few steps from the elevator to the food court.  Our room could not have been in a better location (well, unless it was right in Cinderella’s castle ;-) ).


Then we went down to the boat to head over to Magic Kingdom for a little while.


This was definitely one of my favorite parts of staying at the Wilderness Lodge- we loved the quick boat ride to Magic Kingdom.

Livin With Me

When we got there we rode the train first- one of Hunter’s favorite rides!

Livin With Me

Hailey on Splash Mountain- her favorite ride.

Livin With Me

We all love the Haunted Mansion.

Livin With Me

Rich and Hunter on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin- Hunter really loved this ride- I’m pretty sure this was his favorite ride.

Livin With Me

Hunter had been asking where Mickey was ever since we had arrived, so we had to stop to visit him.

Livin With Me

We finished up the evening by watching the fireworks before we headed back to our hotel to get rested up for our the next day.


Livin' With Me!

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