Thanksgiving 2012

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving two times :-)   2 weeks before the actual Thanksgiving we traveled with my parents to stay at Matt and Ellie’s house, and my brother Mike also traveled to their house.  We all stayed for the weekend and it was lots of fun!!

Hunter was trying to decide what he thought about his first Thanksgiving dinner.  The other side of his bib has a turkey on it, guess I put it on the wrong way.  Oops!

Matt and Ellie made a very delicious Thanksgiving meal!!  Yummy!!

Later it was time for some games:

Aunt Ellie, Uncle Matt and Uncle Mike played Monopoly Jr with Hailey.

Everyone had fun playing Disney Hedbanz

It was a fun weekend and so nice to have everyone together.  That just doesn’t happen often enough.

On Thanksgiving Day we went to my parents house for a yummy dinner.  I tired to take some pictures before we left.

Hunter was not very cooperative :-)

Happy first Thanksgiving Little Man Cub

My pretty little miss, all ready to go to Grandma and Pa’s house.

Still trying to make it difficult to take a picture.

Hailey had to sneak up behind Hunter while he was playing so I could take their picture together.

Hunter wasn’t sure what to think of Pa with his turkey hat on.

Uncle Dave and my dad worked on carving the turkey while Mike supervised.

Hailey all ready to eat some yummy food.  Everything was so delicious!!


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