What Has Hailey Said Lately?

Hailey has been having a hard time listening lately so the other night at bedtime I told her maybe she should pray and ask Jesus to help her be a better listener.  So she did.  The next morning she wasn’t listening again and said to me, “I asked God to help me be good.  And see how that’s going?  I’m already being bad.”


Hailey was looking through our DVDs for a movie and she couldn’t find the one she wanted.  She suggested to me that maybe if I had them better organized she would be able to find what she was looking for.  (This sounds a lot like something her Uncle Matt said when he was younger and requested that my mom alphabetize the videos for him.)


Hailey came home from school on a Friday and told me that everyone was cheering that it was Friday because there would be no school for 2 days.  She said, “But not me, mom.  I didn’t cheer because I love going to school!”


Hailey was talking to the baby the other night and she looked up at me and said, “Wow Mom, your belly button looks like a volcano.”


After mentioning that my belly button looked like a volcano, Hailey told me that she thought my stomach might be cracking.  Gotta love stretch marks.


Hailey just said to Rich (while he is watching the Vikings play), “Dad- did you know that no one from Minnesota can hear you?”


Livin' With Me!

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