Disney Vacation 2011 Day 4

On day 4 we got up nice and early so we could be at Hollywood Studios for the opening.  We arrived at 8:50am and got pretty close to the front to get into the park.  When they opened the park Rich took off to get us fast passes for Toy Story Mania (a very popular ride that almost always has a very long wait and usually runs out of fast passes during the morning.)  After Rich got the fast passes we got in line to ride it since it was a short wait (we ended up waiting 30 minutes) and saved our fast passes for later.

While we were in line I went to take some pictures and my camera wouldn’t work.  I tried and tried to get it to work and it was not cooperating.  I have another lens (a zoom lens) so I tried that one and it did work.  So I figured it had something to do with my regular lens.  Since I couldn’t use my zoom lens all day (I can only use that one for things that are further away) I talked to my brother Matt to see if he had any ideas since he has a similar camera.  While we were in line he was trying to figure out what I needed to do to fix my camera.  I was so thankful that I had bought a little hand held camera to bring along just in case of an emergency with my good camera.  I didn’t expect it to actually happen, but I’m glad I was prepared!

Part of the queue to Toy Story Mania.  This was actually the first time we have ever gone through the regular line- we have always used fast passes in the past.

Hailey in line for Toy Story Mania

We loved Mr. Potato Head!

My little miss waiting to get on the ride.  (I was able to take this one with my good camera, but had to use the zoom lens and stand really far away from her.)

Hailey on the ride, ready to go.

After the ride

While we were on the ride Matt figured out how I could fix my camera.  So, I tried his suggestion and it worked!!  I was so happy I almost cried!!

I had to take the picture of the entrance to the ride after the ride since my camera wouldn’t work before.

Hailey at the entrance to Toy Story Mania.

We noticed that Buzz and Woody had a short wait (short for them anyways, their line gets very long during the day) so we got in line to meet them.

There were lots of fun places to stop and pose for pictures while we waited.  While Hailey and I waited to meet Buzz and Woody, it was already time for us to get another fast pass, so Rich went and got us another one for Toy Story Mania to use later in the day.

A kiss from Woody :-)

A hug for Buzz :-)

Buzz, Hailey and Woody on Andy’s bed.

Hailey with a Green Army Man

Hailey and Minnie- 2 pretty princesses

We went back to get our picture taken in front of the hat since we were in a big hurry when we first arrived at the park and didn’t do it then.  We also watched one of the shows on the street- those shows are so fun to watch… as long as they don’t pick me to be involved!

Then it was time to go to our 11am lunch reservation at Hollywood and Vine.

Hailey waiting outside the restaurant.

We were the first ones there and had the whole place to ourselves for a while.

Hailey dancing with Oso.  She was the only one there!  After they danced Oso walked her back to our table.

My pretty princess

Leo and Hailey

June and Hailey

Time for more dancing!  June and Hailey danced together.  At this point I think there was one other kid, so Hailey was still getting lots of attention.

Handy Manny and Hailey

Oso and Hailey.

The characters all came around to our table at least 3 times each.  Even when other people started to arrive there still weren’t very many people there.  This was a great character interaction!  And we loved the food.  We almost didn’t eat here but decided to book it at the last minute and cancel something else.  I am glad we did- this was my second favorite meal!

After lunch we went to see the Beauty and the Beast show.

Belle and Gaston

Belle and the Beast

Belle and her prince

Hailey decided she wanted to try Tower of Terror.  I thought (and maybe hoped) she’d be too short to ride it.  But she was tall enough… and brave enough to ride.  I had to wait nervously at the exit to see how it went.

My little miss (much too little to be riding!) on the Tower of Terror.  I think she’s looking a little nervous.

When she got off she came running to me to show me that she gave it 2 thumbs up.

Hailey decided she wanted to ride again and since it was a 10 minute wait they went on it again.  She decided the second time though that it made her feel a little sick and she was done with it for the day.

Enjoying at Playhouse Disney Live Show.  This year Jake and the Neverland pirates were there.

Then it was time for the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun parade:




Mr. Fredricksen



After the parade we met some more characters:

June, Hailey and Quincy

Hailey and Mike Wazowski

We decided to go use our Toy Story Mania fast passes.  We love that ride!

Then we went to the Animation Building.  I had read that if you go around 5pm you will see lots of characters- many more than are usually there.  And this proved to be true!

Hailey with Frozone and Mr. Incredible

Hailey and Pooh

Hailey with Geppetto and Pinocchio

Hailey with Jafar

Belle and Hailey

Chip and Dale with Hailey

Last year when we were in Disney World we searched for Captain Hook and Mr. Smee and could not find them anywhere.  We were told that they were only appearing in shows and no longer doing meet and greets.  Hailey was so sad because she just loves Captain Hook.  So for the last year Hailey has prayed every night that she would be able to see Captain Hook and Mr. Smee again.  So she was thrilled when she got to see them!

Hailey with Mary Poppins and the Penguin

Hailey with Goofy and Max.  Max thought that Hailey’s braids were like his ears.

Stitch giving Hailey a kiss

We had to go see Mr. Incredible again so that Hailey could meet Mrs. Incredible this time.

When we went to leave the Animation building we realized it was pouring outside.  We put on our ponchos and headed to the Pizza Planet for dinner.

A view of the Pizza Planet from the 2nd floor

Hailey found some Hidden Mickeys on this wall.  There are 2 of them (that I know of).  One can be seen a little easier than the other.  Can you find them?

The park really cleared out while it was pouring out.  It was emptier than Extra Magic Hours usually are.

We had another set of fast passes for Toy Story Mania so we rode it again!

Then we went on The Great Movie Ride.

Even though the park was really empty, we were exhausted and needed to go back to the hotel.

When we got back Hailey played in the kids area for a little while.  See the Hidden Mickey she found?

I enjoyed a piece of Tie Dye Cheesecake.  Yummy!

We actually went to bed around 10:30pm- pretty early for us in Disney World.  We were planning to sleep in the next morning and hang out at the pool at our hotel to relax.

Hailey’s favorites for today: Ride- Toy Story Mania, Characters- Woody and Buzz


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