Another Day at Knoebels

Earlier this summer we spent a day at Knoebels and Hailey had so much fun we decided to take her back again.

Riding the kiddie bumper cars.

Driving the firetruck

The kiddie car whip.  She loved it!

The “up and down” ride.  This was Hailey’s favorite ride.

Ladybug ride

Out for an afternoon drive

Will they get wet?  (Hailey and Rich are in the 4th row back on the right hand side.)

Big splash

And they’re soaked!  (or “soaped” as Hailey says it.)

Standing on the bridge hoping to get wet again.

I think she liked it :-)

They did not like this ride!  It made both of them dizzy.

Hailey loved the slide!

Fun in the ball pit

My little miss on a roller coaster

Airplane Whip ride

Last ride of the day- the Ferris Wheel- which she did not like.

It was such a fun day!!  Watching Hailey laughing and having so much fun made the day perfect even though I couldn’t go on any of the rides.


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