Father’s Day

About a week or so before Father’s Day, Hailey’s school had a Father’s Night.  The kids and their dads all went to school for an evening and had dinner and did activities.  I forgot to take a picture of Hailey and Rich before they went :-(  But here are the things she made for him for Father’s Night:

I had to edit the corner because she wrote our last name, so it doesn’t really look like this.  It’s such a cute poem with her footprint.

She made this card for him too- the inside says, “No one can fill your shoes.”

These are the things she said about Rich.

It’s hard to see with all the colors, but this is a picture of Hailey and Rich.

Then at home, Hailey made these things for Rich:

The inside of the card says, “Happy Father’s Day.  Love, Hailey”

Rich spent a lot of Father’s Day weekend getting this pool set up for Hailey:

She loves it!!  It was still in the process of being set up here and she was playing in the freezing water as it filled the pool but she really enjoys it.

My dad :-)

Opening his Father’s Day present

Hailey and her Pa


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