Disney Vacation Pictures- Day 6

Day 6 started bright and early again.  We had an early breakfast reservation at Akershus and Hailey decided that she wanted to dress up in her Ariel dress.

Posing at our hotel before we left for the day.

Us with an empty Epcot behind us.

There was no one around but us.

Empty Epcot

Akershus, where we had a princess breakfast

Belle and Hailey

Hailey and Sleeping Beauty

Hailey with Cinderella

Hailey and Snow White

And lastly Hailey got to see her favorite princess- Ariel.  Hailey has a necklace that sounds like Ariel singing, so she was wearing it and pushing the button for Ariel to hear.

Celebrating Hailey’s birthday again.

Hailey got to meet Marie

And then the Queen of Hearts… she was pretty funny.  She made Hailey kiss her hand.

When a cast member yelled at the Queen of Hearts for making Hailey kiss her hand, the Queen had a little tantrum and was stomping her feet.

Hailey waiting to go on Soarin’ for the first time.

Hailey on the ride… she loved it!!  There were a couple of times she said it made her feel “bizzy” but she liked it enough to want to go on it again.

Next we went on the Livin’ With the Land boat ride- see the Hidden Mickey I found?

Afterwards we went to see the Circle of Life… I always manage a little nap during that show, then we went on Soarin’ again.

We spent a long time doing all the activities in Innoventions West- here is Hailey while we played a game called The Great Piggy Bank Adventure

Afterwards we went to a comedy show at Slap Stick Studios- Hailey got to be a part of the show.

There were 2 teams and they had to see who could use all of their blocks and have their tower remain standing.  The blocks had velcro on them, so if positioned the right way they stuck together.  Hailey’s team won!

Then there was a game for the dads- Rich was thrilled to be picked to be a part of the show… hahahaha

They had to see who could put diapers on the most babies and then give them a bottle…

…then stick the babies to their aprons.  Rich and the other dad tied.  It was lots of fun to watch!

Hailey had been asking all morning about meeting Mulan and it was finally time to go meet her.  Hailey was thrilled!

Then she got to give the Beast a big hug.

Hailey with Beauty and the Beast.

Then Hailey took a little nap.

When she woke up it was her turn to meet Pluto and Mickey.

We stopped by Club Cool to sample soda from around the world.

You get to try all of these sodas for free.  I got a good picture of Rich tasting the Beverly but he said I couldn’t post it.

Then it was time for dinner at Le Cellier!  I was so excited that we were able to get a reservation here.  The food was amazing!!

We celebrated Hailey’s birthday, again :-)

Our beautiful princess

Hailey loves the Sea with Nemo and Friends- so we had to ride that and then we were off to Animal Kingdom for Extra Magic Hours.

We went to see It’s Tough to Be a Bug- one of our favorite attractions when we arrived at Animal Kingdom.  Then Rich insisted that we go on the Dinosaur ride.  I thought it was too scary for Hailey but he wanted her to try it.

While we were waiting in line I saw this sign and I love it!  It’s definitely how I feel when I’m in Disney World and one of the reasons I love to go there.

Us on Dinosaur… Hailey did not like it, she was terrified.

So we had to end our evening by going on It’s Tough to Be a Bug again.

Hailey’s favorites for the day: Ride- Soarin’, Characters- Ariel, Mulan and Beauty and the Beast.


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