Disney Vacation Pictures- Day 5

Day 5 was our take-it-easy day.  We slept in and had a nice slow morning.

Hailey waiting for her breakfast at our hotel.

Hailey with her Minnie Mouse that she found in the gift shop and loved right away.

Posing with Goofy in the Goofy Spray Area.

Enjoying the spray area.

The Hippy Dippy Pool, shaped like a flower in the 1960s section, is the main pool at the Pop Century Resort.

Hailey posing in front of Baloo and Mowgli in the 1960s section of the resort.

Play-Doh, also in the 1960s section.

Entrance from the Hippy Dippy pool area to Classic Hall.

Hailey loved the kiddie pool.

Everything Pop had the gift shop and lots of dining choices.

After a relaxing morning at the resort and a little nap we got ready to head out to dinner.

Waiting for the bus, all dressed for dinner.  We decided to celebrate Hailey’s birthday everyday for the second half of our trip- so notice her birthday button.

My beautiful princess waiting for the bus.

We enjoyed Cinderella’s Happily Ever After dinner at 1900 Park Fare.

Hailey posing in the beautiful Grand Floridian Resort (where the restaurant was) while we waited for our table.

Us :-)

Hailey got to meet Prince Charming first while we were enjoying our dinner.

The she was able to see Cinderella.

Hailey was so excited to get to see the stepmother and the stepsisters!  I think she was more excited about seeing them than she was Cinderella or Prince Charming.

Hailey asked the stepmother, “Why do you always yell at Cinderella?”  And the stepmother responded by saying, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I never yell at her.”

When Drizella saw that Hailey had a Cinderella dress on she told her that she looked like a little ‘Rella.  Hailey asked Drizella, “Why are you so mean to Cinderella?”  Drizella answered by saying, “I am not mean, I’m just honest and some people don’t like honesty.”

Anastasia also called Hailey a little ‘Rella.  Hailey told Anastasia that she is her favorite, which made Anastasia act a little bit more friendly.  All three were very funny though and very perfect for their roles.

Hailey was so excited that she got a cupcake for her birthday celebration.

I loved the character interaction at 1900 Park Fare but the food was probably our least favorite of the whole trip.  Not that it was bad, I guess it just wasn’t as good as we expected it to be.  I did absolutely love the Strawberry Soup- amazing!!

After dinner we went over to Epcot for a few hours.

Of course we had to ride on the Nemo ride and afterwards we had to go see Bruce and the other shark displays.  Hailey loved this one and wanted to keep sticking her hand in the shark’s mouth which resulted in various responses from Bruce.

We also enjoyed riding on the Gran Fiesta Tour in Mexico.

Then we rode on Maelstrom which Hailey did not enjoy so much.

Taking a break to play the bongos.

Waiting for Illuminations to start.


Another perfect day in Disney World!  Hailey’s favorites of the day: Ride- Nemo, Character- Anastasia


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3 comments on “Disney Vacation Pictures- Day 5

  1. Stephanie on said:

    What a little princess she is. How fun! I have to admit I am a bit jealous!! :)

  2. That first water shot is awesome!

  3. Weekend Cowgirl on said:

    It is a fun place! We need to go back. Love it that she loved the step mother and sisters!

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