Disney Vacation Pictures- Day 3

Since we got back so late from Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party on day 2 we slept in a little bit on our 3rd day. After a slow start we had breakfast at our resort.

Hailey playing with her fan instead of eating a very healthy chocolate muffin.

The food court at Pop Century.

It was still relatively early when we arrived at Hollywood Studios, so it wasn’t too crowded.

First up- we went to see Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

When we came out of the Little Mermaid show we were able to meet up with some characters:

Hailey and Annie

Leo, Hailey and Annie

Then we went to see Playhouse Disney- Live on Stage- which Hailey obviously loved!  My only complaint is that we were in the front row and it was really hard to see.  Last year we were in the very back and it was really hard to see back there too.  I think the seating should be set up a little bit differently, but she still loved the show.

After the show we went to see the Disney Animation Studio.  We had never been in there before and the characters were lots of fun!

Hailey and Lotso

Hailey with Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

When we went back outside Hailey was able to meet Quincy and June.

Then we had a delicious lunch at Catalina Eddie’s.  Rich wasn’t too sure about eating here because it was outside but I thought the food was fantastic!

After lunch we went to see Beauty and the Beast.  Hailey really enjoyed it!

We had gotten Fast Passes to go on Toy Story Mania when we arrived first thing in the morning, but they couldn’t be used until 6:05pm.  So Rich wanted to check and see how long the wait would be so we wouldn’t have to stay at Hollywood Studios until 6pm.  We like going to Hollywood Studios but it is our least favorite park and we are usually done by mid-afternoon so we were almost ready to leave but still had about 4 hours until we could use our fast passes.  So we headed back to that area of the park.  The wait was still really long though so we decided to hang out until we could use our fast passes.

Hailey met up with a Green Army Man.

And she got to see Handy Manny.

After that we rode on the Great Movie Ride.  Then we walked around with Hailey in her stroller until she fell asleep.  She took a nice long nap while Rich and I sat in the Animation Studios and did some people watching.  After her nap we went to Muppet Vision- 3D.  It was so much fun!  Hailey never really got into the 3D things last year because she wouldn’t leave her glasses on.  This time she loved it!  She was reaching out trying to grab everything and even asked me, “When can I really touch them?”

Finally it was almost time use our fast passes, so we decided to hang out until 6:05.

Hailey posing in front of Toy Story Mania.

At 6pm everyone in line started leaving the ride- the ride had broken!  They told people to come back in about an hour.  There was no way we wanted to wait around for another hour.  We went to guest relations and gave them our names and they told us to come back the next day and they would give us a new fast pass to use.

We headed off to Magic Kingdom for Extra Magic Hours.

Hailey loved riding on Dumbo!

We ate some dinner at Pinocchio Village Haus and enjoyed the fireworks.

Of course she had to make an attempt at getting the sword out of the stone.

We also went on Snow White’s Scary adventure and saw Mickey’s PhilharMagic 3D show.  Hailey was reaching for everything and enjoyed the show so much!

Hailey riding on Prince Charming Regal Carousel

The crowds were nice and low and we were able to get a lot done during extra magic hours!  We were tired though and knew we had an early start coming on day 4, so we went back to our resort.

The castle on our way out

Main St.

Goodnight Magic Kingdom

Hailey’s favorites of the day: Ride- Carousel.  Character- all the Little Einsteins.


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    BTW, in your footer there is a missing “s” in myself. If it were, I’d want to be told. ;)

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