Hailey’s First Day of School

Yesterday was Hailey’s first day to go to UPK- and she has been so excited to go!  She started about 2 weeks late because we were in Disney World, but she did great!

Having a yummy breakfast before school

She was excited in the morning to go and posed very willingly for pictures.  Here she is showing off the outfit she picked out for the first day.

All ready to go.  She even told me what angles to take pictures of her princess book bag that she was so excited to finally get to use.

A close up shot of the very loved book bag.

Rich and Hailey walking through the parking lot to get to the building her class is in.

Hailey standing by her name where she hangs up her coat and book bag.

Hailey loved her first day of UPK.  When we dropped her off she hung up her things and went right to her teacher and said goodbye very easily to us.  When I asked her about her first day she said she loved it and loved her teacher.  Since Hailey started school late due to our Disney trip she missed seeing the caterpillars that they have been watching, but she did get to see that they had turned into butterflies over the weekend.  Hailey made a “Life Cycle of a Butterfly” book and told me her favorite thing she did today was to paint a caterpillar (a paper towel tube).  She was very excited that she was the line leader today. She wasn’t all that thrilled with snack- grapes and apples but said there was cheese too which she did like. When I asked her how she felt on her first day she told me, “Kind of good and excited!”  Hailey had a great first day and can’t wait to go back!


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3 comments on “Hailey’s First Day of School

  1. Oh I am so glad that she loved her first day. She looks so grown-up.

  2. JoAnn Zoda on said:

    Oh my goodness…she is so grown up. Love the side view picture!

  3. Wow! When did she grow up? Man, I’ve missed a lot! Shes beautiful!

    Come check out my blog, I’m back! :)

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