4th of July Extravaganza Part 3

On the 3rd day of our weekend long extravaganza we went to church and then back to my parents’ house for some more yummy food.  We certainly did have a lot of food during our extravaganza!

Family picture (taken by my cousin Jon) before some people had to start heading home.

We tried to get Danielle and Logan to pose for picture.  It was somewhat successful.

Danielle loved Brady!

Later on in the evening we headed back over to our house.  Since we hadn’t eaten nearly enough all weekend we ate again.

After we ate Hailey and Anika had fun going down the slide into the little pool.

Then we went to go watch some fireworks.  They loved it!

Mike, Matt, Ellie and Brady waiting for the fireworks to start.

Matt holding a nervous Brady during the fireworks.

The next day everyone else had to head back home.  Some of us went on a trip to Chuck E Cheese for some fun and- of course- more food.

Hailey and Anika

Beka and Rich played many rounds of basketball.

The grandfathers had to play a few rounds too.

Anika and Hailey enjoyed seeing Chuck E Cheese.

It was a weekend full of family and fun!!  Can’t wait to do it again next year!


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