Family Room Renovations

Last summer when we first moved into our house I showed you these pictures of our family room:

Livin With Me

One view of the family room.

Livin With Me

And another view of the same room.

We (I) got tired of the dark paneling so we (I) decided that Rich should redo the room.

First Rich took all of the old paneling down:

After all of the old paneling was down Rich and my dad replaced all of our electric type stuff and added some more outlets.

Then Rich and my dad put a bunch of insulation in since it was a bit chilly in our family room during this winter.

Then they wrapped the walls in plastic.  I’m not sure exactly why they did that but I’m sure it was an important step.

Then the new drywall went up.

Rich painted- the color is kind of a light tan.  I think it’s called cappuccino something or other.  It turned out looking lighter than we thought it was going to, but we like it anyways.

And now for the new, updated family room….

There’s an end table in the corner between the couch and the love seat and I need to find a lamp to put on there.

Another view.

Another view… we (I) plan to replace this entertainment center with something much smaller.

And one last view.


Livin' With Me!

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8 comments on “Family Room Renovations

  1. Ashley on said:

    Your family room looks great!!!!!

  2. Aimee on said:

    Love the changes:) Always have loved white trim and another color wall. Sharp! Very nice cuz! Females are good for coming up with the brilliant ideas, while we let the men do the work:)

  3. Aunt Cheryl on said:

    Room looks awesome! Love the change! It’s so much brighter! Very nice!!! Great job Guys!!!! ;-)

  4. regina on said:

    MEL!!!! It looks FABULOUS!!!!!! OMG! It looks like a whole different room, woo Rich and your dad need to go into business!

  5. WOW! Your new room looks GREAT! I agree with you. A simple little entertainment stand would look really nice.

  6. common mom on said:

    Melanie – it looks wonderful! I am so envious . . . I just started splotching different colors of pain on the family room walls to find one I like . . . to change it just enough to hold me over until I win the lottery and can remodel the nasty ugly place. Enjoy your new room – it’s so warm and inviting!

  7. Weekend Cowgirl on said:

    Your room looks amazing. Love the new sheetrock! So much brighter… know you love it.

  8. rachel on said:

    Looks amazing.Must have been tough going through that one. So happy for you guys.

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