Hailey’s First Ballet Recital

Last weekend Hailey had a Valentine’s Day Tea and her ballet class danced to a song called “Little Wheel.” It was soooo cute!

Livin With Me

Waiting in line to go up on the stage.

Livin With Me

“Two hands clapping in my heart…”

Livin With Me

“Some kids sleeping in my heart…”

Livin With Me

“A big truck honking in my heart…”

Livin With Me

Listening to the audience clap for her.

Livin With Me

Hailey enjoyed watching the other groups of older girls doing their dances too.

Livin With Me

Cute little ballet shoes.

Here is a video of Hailey dancing.  She is the third one in from the right.  In order to get the video to upload we had to reduce the size of the clip and for some reason when we did that- the sound came out awful.  It doesn’t sound like this at all on my camera- but you can get the idea anyways:


Livin' With Me!

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3 comments on “Hailey’s First Ballet Recital

  1. How sweet!
    She is just going to love going back to look at all these things when she gets older.
    I am glad she is enjoying her class as much as Mommy is. ;)

  2. rachel on said:

    I swear she gets prettier by the day. What a sweet post and what an adorable girl

  3. OH how cute.

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