My Little Ballerina

For a while now Hailey has been telling me that she wants to be a ballerina.  I know I should have looked into it over the summer but I kept putting it off.  Finally I asked my friends on facebook the other night where I could take Hailey for ballet classes.  I found a couple of places to look into and called them.  Both places are going to let us try a free class next week to see if we like it.  One is on Monday evening and the other on Tuesday evening.

Both groups are getting ready to order their costumes for the recital in the spring.  So we’ll have to make a decision right away and pay for Hailey’s costume.  The Monday night class does ballet and tap and the Tuesday night class does ballet, tap and jazz.

Both classes cost the same amount per month, but one class is one hour per week (the one with ballet, tap and jazz) and the other class is 45 minutes per week (ballet and tap).  The shorter class is closer to our house and right on the way home from preschool.  The hour long class is a little further away and not on our way home.  So both have some pluses and minuses.  I guess we’ll just try each one out and see what we think and pick the one that fits Hailey’s personality better.  I know Hailey will look soooo cute, and have tons of fun!


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2 comments on “My Little Ballerina

  1. Andrea (Lifesong) on said:

    We just started Joelle in dance last year — ballet, now jazz this year. Definitely a lot of money, but she loves it and it’s so worth it!!

  2. I know Julia would have loved to do this when she was little. But the only thing that stuck in my head was all the little dance schools doing their “stuff” in the Mardi Gras turned me off a little.I know not all schools are like this..but just couldn’t get past the 5 year olds acting sexy. Crazy!
    I hope ya’ll have fun…I know it will create a whole new batch of great memories. Can wait to see Hailey in her little ballerina outfit. :)

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