Big Changes

A couple of weeks ago there was a big change here at our house.  I was offered a job and after much going back and forth in the decision I finally decided to take the job.  I am working 32 hours each week as an Assistant Director at a child care center.  A few days each week I go in at 7 to open the center and work until around 2.  Then the other days I go in around 1 pm and stay until 6pm to close the center.  The hours are great and my boss is super nice and soooo flexible with the hours I work.  She let me make my schedule work so that Hailey and I can still do the activities we have been a part of- like MOPS and story time at the library, etc.

The place I am working at has a pretty impressive preschool curiculum.  And since Hailey asks all of the time if she can go play with some kids we decided to enroll her in their program. 

Here are a few pictures on her first day of preschool. 

Livin With Me

Heading down the stairs to get ready to leave.

Livin With Me

All ready to go!

Livin With Me

A quick pose next to her cubby.

So far things at work have been good for me.  I enjoy the job I am doing.  Hailey loves preschool and is doing great!  It’s been a big change and we’re still working on getting used to it- but so far it’s been good.


Livin' With Me!

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7 comments on “Big Changes

  1. Congrats. I did that exact same thing for a while. It was a lot of fun! Enjoy, and it’s the best of both worlds. You get to work & you get to know everything about your child’s day. You don’t miss that time with her.

  2. Sounds like it is the thing to when you have little ones. I did the same thing when Michael was little. I have thought it would be nice to have some type of thing to do while Julia is in school that would bring in a little extra income…we will have to see if God agrees. :) Glad you have found such a nice place to work.

  3. Awesome!!

  4. Melanie,it’s so nice to be back in touch. How nice that you can work at a day care where you have such flexible hours. I’m sure Hailey is happy to go to “school” where you work. Enjoy!

    It was nice catching up with you again. I’ve missed visiting with you, but hubby had a mini stroke and the summer was busy as I had the boys everyday. Things are settling in now, so hopefully I will be able to drop by more often.


  5. I am so glad to hear things are going well. I am sure it is nice to be working and still be part of Hailey’s day. I bet she is having fun with all the other kids!

  6. This all sounds awesome and amazing. I love the pics of hailey and I am sure she loves school. Please keep us updated on the new job.

  7. That is so cool! What a perfect job!!

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