Dear Hailey,

Three years ago today my life was forever changed.  You made me a mommy and the way I thought about everything in life was completely rearranged.  No longer was my life about me, it was about you. Everything I do and every decision I make- it’s all about you.  The love I have for you is not something I can put into words- it’s a feeling I didn’t understand before I was a mom.  It is very overwhelming.

This last year has had its ups and downs.  Fortunately it’s had a lot more ups than downs.  Some of the downs have been you having pneumonia, which was very scary.  The headaches that you complained about for a while- which turned out to be nothing but made me do a lot of worrying.  You were also supposed to have surgery for your trigger thumb but right around the time you were supposed to have surgery the trigger thumb went away and we were able to cancel your surgery, which made us very happy!  We are so thankful that God has kept you safe and healthy!  The biggest thing that happened in this last year is that we moved.  We now live closer to your grandparents because being close to family is very important to us.  Instead of a 3 hour drive, we have a 10 minute drive to visit.

You are such a fun little person!  Your personality is great and you certainly have a mind of your own. You are beautiful, kind, funny, concerned about how others are feeling, silly, smart and very independent. You love to do art projects with me every day and reading books is still one of your favorite activities. You have such an active imagination- one day everyone has to call you Cinderella and the next day you’re Captain Hook.  You keep me smiling and laughing!

You’ve grown up so much in the last year!  When I look at pictures from a year ago you look like a little toddler. And now you seem so grown up at 3 years old.  You sleep in a big girl bed now, you are wearing underwear instead of pull-ups, you sit in a big chair at the table and you want to do everything by yourself.

I can’t wait to see what this year will bring for you.  I love watching you grow up and I love seeing the little girl you are becoming.  I love you my Little Miss… more than you will ever know.  Happy 3rd Birthday!



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3 comments on “Dear Hailey,

  1. The perfect letter that she will have to read when shes older. Its amazing how fast little ones change and grow in such a short amount of time. She’s a keeper.:)

  2. What a sweet letter! She will treasure this forever! Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl! :D

  3. Sharon on said:

    That was just sweet! And one day she will so appreciate the things you wrote.
    It is great to see God at work in your family…the way He has led you through times of uncertainty and brought healing. All good things come from God above.
    I know you are happy to be close to family….but I am also glad ya’ll had time away. It makes us appreciate our family all the more.

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