Only a Year Late

So about a year ago I wrote down some things that Hailey said that I thought were cute and I never blogged about it.  Better late than never, I say- so here they are:

  • Pajamas are called “banamas
  • Band-aids are called “ban-bains
  • Pacifier is called a “Sah-Sah

I just wanted to remember.


Livin' With Me!

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6 comments on “Only a Year Late

  1. I hear ya! Riley used to call Ashlyn “ash-sis” and he has already begun to call her Ashlyn. It is bittersweet- he is growing and learning and that is so awesome, but Ash-sis was such a cute nickname for her. I can’t keep up with all the things he is learning to say and then saying the right way later- though with how worried I was about his speech, I will take it! k, enough rambling from me!!

  2. Jayme on said:

    I love the things that kids say. Bethany told someone once that the reason that we couldn’t go to the fair was because the “muscle” fell off our car (muffler).

  3. Grams on said:

    I haven’t been over here for a long time. First we didn’t have a computer all winter then I was so sick. I am much better now!
    Hailey has really grown up!She is just as adorable as ever!!
    Kelly my baby is 30 and she called her blanket , her key blankey! It took us forever to figure out what she wanted when she would say Key Key! Hugs Grams

  4. Mozi Esmes Mommy on said:

    Nothing like blogging to keep the cute memories! Congrats on keeping track of that for a year! I am feeling so overwhelmed right now I’ve sort of lost track of Esme’s milestones. I need to start concentrating on that a little more!

  5. Spice on said:

    I love kids sayings for things. Which reminds me I keep meaning to write down my kids sayings too. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  6. Andrea (Lifesong) on said:

    It’s great that you still posted them. It’s fun to look back on it and get a chuckle out of it.

    Joelle knows now that when she was little she said “sukit” for music and “sesoine” for lotion, and she gets such a kick out of it!

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