Look! It’s a Post!

I have been in a blog funk lately.  I just don’t want to post.  And I don’t think I have anything to post about. 

We are still waiting to close on our new house.  Still waiting.  No longer patiently.  Thankfully we are staying at my parents house until we can close.  We’ve been here for over 5 weeks now (instead of 1-2 weeks) and we are sooooo thankful for everything my parents have done for us.

Other than that- there’s not much to post about.  So, here are some random pictures of Hailey. 

Livin With Me

Last weekend Rich and I went out to dinner and a movie (we saw Up- which was excellent!) and my parents watched Hailey.  She had a blast playing with her bubbles.  And of course, she had a blast playing with her Gramma and Pa!

Livin With Me

Today Hailey enjoyed sharing the bubble fun with Dottie.  I’m not so sure Dottie enjoyed it as much as Hailey did.

Livin With Me

Dottie and Hailey posing for me.


Livin' With Me!

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7 comments on “Look! It’s a Post!

  1. chelle on said:

    aww must be frustrating still waiting to close the house. Good luck!

  2. Mother Mayhem on said:

    Look at those dimples! So sweet! :o )

    Dottie looks sort of unimpressed with the soap bubbles. LOL

  3. Sharon on said:

    Yes, I know about those bloggy funks!
    But it is good hearing from you…..and seeing how Hailey is growing. Girl she is too cute….and I see that her recent fall is almost totally disappeared. That last picture is just too much….what a ham. :)
    Enjoy this time…..soon it will be over and life will move on.
    Above all remember….He is faithful!

  4. rachel on said:

    where did you get that bubble machine? That is so awesome. Wow she is sooooooo big!

  5. Tina on said:

    ah the dog seems to love the attention bless!

    Just a quick note also to say can i be added to the blogroll for my blog http://www.travelshack.blogspot.com

    I have already added the badge.

    Can i also add http://www.gamefreakzblog.com

    If you could let me know when done that would be great. thanks.

  6. Tina on said:

    sorry i meant to say its for the blogaholics blogroll in case you have more than one :)

  7. I’m sorry it is taking so long to close on the house! But I am glad that you are able to stay at your parents for the in between time! I ate at ihop while at the beach and I thought of you!!

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